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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks, Just thought I'd share the package I've been working on as of late - it's a c# implementation of SII_Decrypt. Can be found on nuget and as open source: https://gitlab.com/jammerxd/sii-decryptsharp https://www.nuget.org/packages/SIIDecryptSharp/ This package is fully native except for zlib. Full implementation now available. If folks have questions, or want more info or want to help, please feel free to reach out! jammerxd
  2. Hi ! For first my English is not perfect, and I'm very sorry about that. On July 6, 2020 I was banned for 2 weeks (July 28, 2020). I still wanted to play, so I go to the SOLO. I was on update 1.38 and added mods to my game. Today that I am no longer banned, I went to go to the MP but the game warned me to upgrade my version to 1.37. No problem, I'm doing it. When arriving on the game, the game warns me that my saves are not compatible. While I had to disable my mods. Going back to version 1.38 and still without mod. The game is working fine and my saves working... I will have to wait for the TruckersMP developers to port to version 1.38 to be able to use my backups online? Or are my backups lost forever? Thank you for anwers, You are the best !! [French part] Bonjour, Le 6 Juillet 2020 j'ai était banni pendant 2 semaines (28 Juillet 2020). Je voulais quand même jouer, donc je suis aller en SOLO. J'étais sous la mise à jour 1.38 et j'ai ajouté des mods à mon jeu. Aujourd'hui que je ne suis plus banni, je suis aller sur le MP mais le jeu me dit de passer ma version en 1.37. Pas de problème, je le fais dessuite. En arrivant sur le jeu, le jeu me prévient que mes sauvegardes ne sont pas compatible. Alors que j'avais désactiver mes mods. En passant à nouveau a la version 1.38 et toujours sans mod. Le jeu marche très bien avec mes sauvegardes qui marchent... Je vais devoir attendre que les développeurs de TruckersMP fassent le portage vers la version 1.38 pour pouvoir utilisé mes sauvegardes en ligne ? Ou mes sauvegardes sont perdu à tout jamais ? Merci pour les réponses, Vous êtes les meilleurs !!
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/609529459078594612/659848238945402882/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2_Screenshot_2019.12.26_-_19.58.57.78.png
  4. Right now, I am using a profile of mine that I've previously used in singleplayer as well. Of course economy bugs out everytime and so I was wondering if I could somehow reset the profile so the game thinks it was never used in singleplayer? If that was possible could I still have the money that I've earned? (It's only about 100k but I don't want to start over again.) I've found this comment but I'm not entirely sure if I understand what it does. Any help appreciated.
  5. Hello, Recently came back into ETS2 but I'm having some wierd issues with savefiles. Any savefile I use to play MP with crashes after a few seconds of being ingame the next time it's loaded, SP or MP. - I have my latest savefile from when I played last which was a long time ago, which I backed up - I can use this file to play for how long I wish in SP and continue to save, restart and load like normal - I can also use it to log into MP and play without problems for one session - Once I have saved the progress in MP, restarted the game, it will now crash like described above I have tried the usual things like run as administrator, verify, reinstall, restart PC, launch with different modes (SP), but nothing changes it. I can still navigate the menu though, it only dies once ingame. I have never had any mods installed or problems like this before, both ETS2 and MP are fresh installs. I suppose I can still play MP but without any progress, although that feels pretty shallow. Perhaps someone who knows the game's inner workings have some hints as to what causes it? Only change since last is probably Win 10. This happened a few months ago as well but I never looked into it much. Here's the game.log, and the only errors I can see literally speak of trees and magic. Because of course it does. ---- Edit; Well, I've been testing some more and can safely say the info.sii isn't the cause, I removed the whole ETS2 folder from my documents so the game would make a fresh one and those errors were gone. Same crash though. No difference when removing the ETS2MP folder either. I also tried unplugging my controller for good measure as it's caused odd stuff before but no, still angry. Is there some way of monitoring what's going on to see exactly what happens? Since the game technically freezes it doesn't create a crash log either. :/ ---- Edit; Turns out the solution was the same as the one to fix ETS2 fatal application errors, described here; https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/495-rested/&status=38604&type=status This can now be moved to solved, thank you for your responses and have a lovely day!
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