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  1. It looks like I still need to sleep or teleport for it to reset. Well, that's disappointing.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. I've tried the method from the comment that was in my initial question. So far it is working. I can let you know if it works tomorrow. if it does, that would mean it is a permanent fix for economy not resetting.
  3. Right now, I am using a profile of mine that I've previously used in singleplayer as well. Of course economy bugs out everytime and so I was wondering if I could somehow reset the profile so the game thinks it was never used in singleplayer? If that was possible could I still have the money that I've earned? (It's only about 100k but I don't want to start over again.) I've found this comment but I'm not entirely sure if I understand what it does. Any help appreciated.
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