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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Truckers! I was hoping that for those that have earned the TruckersMP Verified VTC Leader and/or other Forum Specific roles/ranks that it would also show up in our TruckersMP Regular Player Profile (not just forum profile) and also in-game player name (not tag… similar to TruckersMP Staff or have a verified check mark like patron has an icon an name color). Sorry TruckersMP Staff if this is in the wrong topic as I wasn’t sure since it could maybe go under Website Suggestions or In-Game Suggestions. Hope this finds you all well. Take care. Love,
  2. Suggestion Name: Ticket system & Patrol role Suggestion Description: I will split the description into parts. Profile system: This system will track how much kilometres a player did while playing in TMP. The player will have a rank similar to the existing one in the ETS2 but instead of earning XP for each delivery it would earn for each xxx kilometres. The rank will say how much the player will earn for each xxx kilometres driven. For example, a player with Rank 1 will earn 2$ per kilometre and a Rank 2 will earn 5$ per kilometre, etc... As TMP has a live map which tracks where players are in real time, I think it can also track how much the player has driven. If it is possible, it would be nice to only count the kilometres that the player drove with a trailer. "Patrol" role: This would be new role wich players can apply to. The objective of this role is patrolling the roads and issuing tickets to the players which don't obey the TMP Road Traffic Laws. As TMP Staff has its own police car skin, this role would have one so dedicated to their job so players can differentiate the Staff to the Patrolling players. This skin would have the Auto-Kick feature so only players with that role can use it. (I'm creating a new skin to Police Skoda and I will do the same to this role if approved). Ticketing system: The Patrollers can issue tickets in 3 ways as TMP Team can decide which to implement or not. Console, an in-game tool similar to the GM's use to review reports. In Chat using commands like "/ticket [ID] [Amount $$] [Description]" so an example: "/ticket 2525 200 Failed to give way". Or using a system in the website which I think won't work very well because the patrollers would have to stop their cars constantly to issue tickets. Note: Player cannot report any infraction. They have to be caught by a Patrolling player. Rules: Of course players can see the TMP Road Traffic Laws so everyone follows those rules and the ticket value of each infraction. This will prevent different laws from different countries to cause confusion. Ticket appeal: Of course mistakes can happen sometimes. The players can use a system in the website where they can appeal for a ticket wich as been issued. Firstly the issuer would reply with the proof of the infraction (video or image) and if the player disagrees he can escalate the case and an upper role will review it and remove the ticket if needed. Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: I think this feature will make the game more realistic and also players would start to obey the traffic signs.
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