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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Players, We would like to see the photos or videos that you have recorded of the event real operations, so if you recorded any moment or took a picture of the event share with us and taking advantage would like to congratulate the whole team of TruckersMP for the excellent work at the event.
  2. Saudações! Se você participou de nossas Operações Reais no American Truck Simulator em maio, você pode ter ficado impressionado com nossa ampla gama de veículos personalizados envolvidos para realizar um evento tão grande. Desta vez, levamos isso a um novo nível! Com isso, estamos trazendo o Real Operations de volta para a Europa Apresentando… Nossas próximas Operações Reais serão o melhor evento do Euro Truck Simulator 2 até agora! Apresentando muitos veículos e operações novos, você se juntará a milhares de jogadores que estão expe
  3. TNT V2 Operations Hello truckers, how are you? On the last anniversary of TNT we performed Real Operations and it was a success. The time has come to hold the second edition of the event, named TNT operations, which is more complete and has many new features. You are our main piece for the event's gear to work, so book the 29/11 date in your calendar and don't miss this event! Exclusive video: Event Information You who have already participated in TruckersMP Real Operations know how the event works. Obviously it will not be of the same level, but everyo
  4. Suggestion Name: Next Real Operations place suggestion Suggestion Description:I wanted to suggest the place of next Real Ops event. It's the Autobahn 2 between Berlin and Dortmund and the Berliner Ring Any example images: Why should it be added?: Personally, I think it's the perfect place for that event. This is a six laned-autobahn so it could handle busy traffic. This area doesn't reqiure any DLC's so everyone could play it. I played last Real Ops on ATS and I love the fact, that it wasn't any speed limiter (yes I'm a Skoda guy). This could also add more realism because there
  5. Hallo zusammen! Wenn ihr an den Real Operations in American Truck Simulator im Juli teilgenommen habt, wart ihr vielleicht von der Anzahl an verschiedenen Fahrzeugen beeindruckt, welche beteiligt waren um solch ein großes Event aufzuziehen. Aber nicht nur das, wir waren außerdem stolz die bearbeitete Karte für die Operations in Kalifornien vorzustellen! Doch keine Angst, Euro Truck Fans. Wir bringen die Real Operations bald zurück nach Europa! Wir präsentieren…. Unser anstehendes Real Operations Event wird das Beste bisher in Euro Truck Simulator 2
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