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Found 4 results

  1. So first up: I've searched for it on the forum here/on Trucksbook, but couldn't find the answer. So that's why I created this topic. Second: I don't know if this is the right place for this topic, if not please let it be moved by a moderator - when possible. So as the description mentions: We want to keep using Trucksbook. But like to know what other people use as a VTC page/ranking system. Along side of it / or in replacement for it. As we want to keep it interesting for our people/and our self to drive. We tried: VTlog - But the website is really horrible / not logical how it is put together. So not really user friendly. Pickup - But it has major shortcomings on the coins-side of things and the ranking system there has also some issues VTMlive - This seems to be no longer working with the proper Steam-id's/TruckersMP-id's. And it has no ranking system » other then within the VTC it self. Trucky - But that's only for each player individual, not for the VTC it self. If you have any other sites/applications please let us know. P.S.: Some of our VTC members have experience with TrucksWeb in the past - when they were in other VTC's. But that seems to be tied with GlobalCargo overall. And we don't want to tie our self to another VTC.
  2. Suggestion Name: Ranking system Suggestion Description: An automatic ranking system witch is based on in game hours and TruckersMP punishments and witch atomatically adds ranks witch gives you the ability to, for example: drive a car or the ability to use specific paint jobs or chassis and trailer types. A system with for example the ranks: rookie, beginner, experienced, no damage, professional, expert, admin, Any example images: See attached file Why should it be added?: A better organised game
  3. Suggestion Name: Ranking and Season pass for the players. Suggestion Description: It would be cool if TruckersMP could rank players based on the distance driven by the players and as well as considering the past ban of the players. This can be done on the basis of season, and the distances driven can be reset for every season. Also a special advantage can be given to players who are ready to BUY the season pass which gives the perks like driving more than the current speed limit and exclusive truck skins, etc. This idea might sound old as it is used in games like PUBG. But it should definitely attract more players. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this will make the game more interesting.
  4. Just added multiplayer and following to instruction to sleep or F7 to get back the jobs in the job market, i did it and i gained $3.6 mil in the space of the games sleeping time and my other crew guy has a 10.0 ranking from 1.7.
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