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Found 4 results

  1. After watching some videos, , why not close CD road on a monthly basis. Maybe for 1 or 2 days at a time. Perhaps some development work could go into this to make it automated. I personally think it should happen as it would be nice to see players spread out from the only road in the game. Thoughts? Videos Toast's. Fenix's. Ivan's (the first time).
  2. As majority of us know, this area is a huge problem area for anyone trying to enter and/or leave the city of Calais. The highway exit ramp has a stop sign while the Calais Road has a stop if players choose be kind enough to alternate which road is allowed to go. My previous suggestion about adding a stop light here can be thrown out. The stop light is only going to make this AREA worse as there would be a queue most likely going into Calais and the highway would be blocked with a queue. About this image The area in yellow is what's being altered and is what is currently in place. Drivers leaving Calais have 2 problems. The first being the highway exit from the east. This is an accident hotspot. The second being the left turning lane where some players try to overtake with a last second turn or make a u-turn to back into Calais. Drivers getting into Calais have 1 problem. Trying to make a left from the waves of traffic leaving the area to the south. The area in green is what's to come of this. Similarly accurate to the real world location. It would not only remove the problem spot but also improve the flow of traffic. The red lines are suggested lanes. It's open to discussion and/or improvement. As mentioned in idea, have the lanes coming from the west turn into one lane. Left lane go straight. Right lane exits. A similar thing can happen with from the east. Right lane exits. Left lane continues onward. That way, leaving and getting into Calais have one lane until it goes to the east giving it 2 lanes. Side note: I do have another idea in mind if it wants to be considered. It's have the highway from Calais to the Duisburg Road exit be 3 lanes and add ramps as the Duisburg exit so traffic keeps moving in that area. What am i hoping for with this suggestion? To improve traffic flow. Getting into Calais will be much easier and leaving Calais will be easier. Can't have high hopes for the players though as a lot of reports will come from merging accidents. If declined: Make this area an NCZ and add indicators of where the NCZ ends. Questions? Reply or message me.
  3. Suggestion Name: Calais Intersection Improvement Suggestion Description: Improve the intersection. Improve Traffic Flow. Any example images: Yes. ^ This is the overview of the project. There's room for improvement as the team sees fit (lanes, positioning, ect). ^ This is the problem spot. Admittedly, there was roughly 2,800 players on at the time. Leaving the highway and leaving the city is what makes this a problem spot. ^ It's Accident prone from getting off the highway to getting across the problem spot. Sure, there might be nice players to let the roads alternate traffic flow. But not every player thinks alike. ^ Regardless of whether it's driving skills, being impatient, wanting to troll, or some other reason, it's accident prone. (Really glad i got to witness this one). ^ And can result in a traffic mess. Why should it be added?: Traffic flow will increase by removing the problem spot. Either direction won't need to cross paths allowing for improved traffic flow. Sadly, scenes like this can't be fixed. See image and below it. It's similar to how it looks IRL and this is what's in place on the ProMods map. For anyone focused about WoT contracts, i've got a solution for you. Just go around. Longer yes, but you won't have to worry about any impacts.
  4. Hello Truckers, Suggestion Name: We have to relax your service exit. Suggestion Description: As you know, there are a lot of accidents in places with heavy traffic. Actually, there is no need to be a rule or punishment to get ahead of it, everything starts in the gamer, if we are go properly and respectfully, the accident happens very little. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Admin's can not reach every region at any moment, i suggest that; Everyone bumps into each other because they want to leave immediately. So the player in the service area who is involved in the accident, automatically you are thrown from the game. Thank you. Best regards
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