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Found 18 results

  1. Hey! in this "vault" I will post some of the pictures I take in ETS2 and ATS. Feedback is always appreciated
  2. Здравейте всички! Днес ще направя едно много просто и полезно ръководство. Сигурен съм, че понякога, когато се опитвате да добавите снимка към публикация, вие качвате на някои уебсайтове като imgur.com prnt.sc и т.н. и Ако изберете директно: поставете друга медия (оранжевият бутон) / вмъкнете изображение от URL, няма да можете да въведете връзки като: https://imgur.com/a/oCf3s https://prnt.sc/ilfujk и много други. За да направите това, трябва да следвате следните стъпки: 1- Качете снимката си в любимия ви уебсайт. 1.1- Натиснете Browse. 1.2- Изберете снимката която искате да качите. 2- След като качите снимката си, щракнете с десния бутон върху изображението и изберете последната опция. 3-Сега ще видите нов изскачащ прозорец в някаква част на вашия екран, това зависи от браузъра. 3.1- След като видите това, ще видите линия, маркирана в син цвят. 3.2- Кликнете два пъти върху i.imgur.com / ... трябва да изберете от // до .png. 4- Сега копирайте тази връзка към публикацията / вмъкнете друга медия (оранжевия бутон) / вмъкнете изображение от URL и щракнете върху вмъкване за публикуване. 5- Сега вашата снимка ще бъде видима в публикацията. Това е всичко за днес, надявам се това да реши голяма част от проблемите, които потребителите имат при вмъкването на снимка в публикация. Чао TruckersMP Team
  3. Yes i'm starting with one of these places too Starting with some pics i took today
  4. Hello! Since my creations of trucks with or without save edit, getting appreciated so much, I decided to start a topic where I show off my work and give other players the option to give critic or talk about it. Here are some of my previous works!
  5. Guest

    Ave's Collection

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! In this topic I will upload my pictures that I take in ETS2 and TruckersMP. The reason I upload them here and make a collection of them is because of a strong reason. Most of the time I take these pictures but I never do something with them. Through this way I want other people to enjoy them. That way they are still useful afterall You can also use these for your own work if you want to. They are free to use. Enjoy the images! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update #1 17-03-2019 Image1: https://i.imgur.com/M2oCF8b Image2: https://imgur.com/KTr1Oih Image3: https://imgur.com/7EO6Pct Image4: https://imgur.com/KC7HmL8 image5: https://imgur.com/cFVa05t Image6: https://imgur.com/mvmmTeZ Image7: https://imgur.com/kLkjeWS Image8: https://imgur.com/rbTYz01 Image9: https://imgur.com/U4DH9er Image10: https://imgur.com/w437JJG For future updates. Feel free to check the posts in this topic.
  6. Zuncky

    Zuncky's Photos

    My new Scania
  7. Hey guys, I would like you to share photos and informations about your trucks. Informations such as brand, model, engine specs etc. I'm just looking for a new idea for my next truck. Thanks in advance! Koolyc
  8. Welcome to the Official EHHVTC Photo Album! Euro Heavy Haulage - Service Makes The Difference. Created by: @EHHVTC I Ollie Managed by: @EHHVTC I Ollie and @EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 Here's some of the Next Gen Scania S with the Mighty Griffin Tuning!
  9. Hobbits Photo Reel Below are the images that I have taken at various events on TruckersMP and just from general trucking. Please give feedback where you can in order to help me see what areas in which I could improve or maybe even ideas on what I could take photos of next!
  10. I am a professional photographer in ATS and ETS2. No need to pay me, I'll take your truck's photo and edit it in-game to look better. Reply here if you want me for your event! NOTE: I play on very low settings, and therefore photos will not be the absolute best quality. I will adjust my settings during photo shoots to make the photos at the optimum quality. EXAMPLES OF MY WORK: You can request certain weather conditions (Winter mod when available, certain weather conditions, etc.) or locations. I am only available at certain times, so make sure I can do it ahead of time.
  11. As someone who enjoys photography IRL, taken photos has been a big part of ETS2 for me. As well as editing them. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos I've taken over the years. Here they are: Enjoy!
  12. Hello TruckersMP community! I have been doing photography for quite a while, but I have never shared what I feel are my best creations but some of them have been shared and one nearly got April's photo of the month! I hope you enjoy them, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advanced. All in main post have been put as a spoiler so you can scroll down easily to the newer replies. P.s I change which monitor I play on a lot, so some are 16:9 ratio and some are 21:9. I hope you don't mind <3
  13. I have loads of trucks and often take photos of them and I often attend convoys and take photos so I will start posting some of those here instead of always posting status updates Might also post some picture edits Whenever I do them Sadly I can only use low to medium settings so quality wont be the best
  14. Thanks to the new and very unfair rule we can no longer do any save editing with cars Not even base game truck paintjobs, but anyway this topic is not to give out about or argue about that. Post any photos/screenshots or videos here you have of your car mods or other peoples mods you've seen in mp. Comment on the mods/paintjobs if you like. Its a pity we will no longer see these in mp but I think it will be nice to be able to scroll through this topic and see all the different mods and paintjobs that we will no longer see in mp. These are my 2 - I added base game truck paintjobs Here are some I've seen (that I have screenshots of) I've seen plenty more but don't have screenshots of them and won't be able to find them in all my recorded plays tv footage
  15. rwsender

    Gaming Photos

    I noticed I take a lot of screenshots when I'm playing games and never really do anything with them! Most people here also love their screenshots, a lot better than the ones I can take! I have set up a Facebook group dedicated to gaming screenshots, gaming news and the occasional gaming video. I am also looking for people to send in their gaming screenshots, with full credit provided if you wish. https://www.facebook.com/gamingphotos/ I also asked permission of a community manager before making this post
  16. Good day to all! Below you will find attached 6 cover photos for those people that are a little plain on their profiles You can find the .rar attached to the bottom of this post. I will probably work on a template of some kind in the future, but due to the responsive nature of the forums this will be tricky and require the devs input For those that wish to create their own, I used the dimensions of 1209x200 (I'm not 100% sure of the actual area size, these were pulled from the code). Happy trucking! Forum Headers.rar *Images were found using Google for ATS and ZiroX for ETS, huge props to those guys
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