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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all Want to share a little tip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUU-amGbI_0 First ETS2 video, so be gentle Cheers
  2. Suggestion Name: add the ability to drive with the keyboard while reporting someone in-game Suggestion Description: be able to drive with WASD while having the in-game report menu opened Any example images: No Why should it be added?: To make it easier for keyboard drivers to report people in-game
  3. Hi , i have a problem with the CB RADIO CHANNEL. I use the default key that is "x" to active the left turn light , so suggest that in the options menu on the ETS2MP to activate the option "CB CHANNEL KEY" to change the defult to the user one. Sorry about my english. Translate this: ----------------- Hola estimados desarrolladores y usuarios de ETS2MP y ATSMP. Me gustaría dar a conocer mi problema y a ser posible , su solución, para que sea implementada en las siguientes versiones del mod. Mi problema es que para utilizar la emisora incluida en todos los camiones con este mod para hablar con otros jugadores , se ha de pulsar una tecla por defecto, la letra "x", en anteriores versiones la letra "v". Ahora va mi solucion. En los ajustes del tabulador del mod, incluir una casilla para seleccionar la tecla deseada para que funcione como activador de la emisora, ya que en mi caso la letra "x" la utilizo como intermitente izquierdo. No les puede adjuntar una imagen de lo propuesto por el momento, si algun admin lo requiere se la adjuntare con su debido permiso por otros medios. Gracias, y un saludo. "JOSE ANTONIO (ESP)."
  5. Ok so I received a Thrust keyboard. Then it started to stop, like the LEDS continue but the keyboard doens't respond to my commands (WASD,etc) then this is not only in ETSMP this happens too when Im watching youtube videos talking with friends etc. This may annoy me and another drivers and get me banned. Please help. Already reseted my pc 3+ times and still continue.
  6. Hello guys, i have an question, is it possible to change the buttons of the Multiplayer? Like voicechat (Standard: X) maybe to (V) ? Would appreciate an answer and some help. Greeting Niko aka. DasBergziege
  7. I would like to report a bug which I've experienced twice by now, both caused when playing with a keyboard (and those keys attached to the keyboard).. I was in the hour traffic jam of the feared road Duisburg - Calais again, just doing my usual route.. We've been sitting through the chaos of the jam with overtakers, trollers and chaotic situations of ghost drivers for a half hour straight so I was very pleased to see an admin coming online. So, just for a joke I typed: "Half hour of no admin and this is the result!".. Then my horn got stuck just when I sent the message, and I am almost sure it is because I pressed the 'H' button which is my common horn button. I wasn't used to this sound anymore as I always use my airhorns when honking on purpose (can be seen in the video under this topic when someone rammed me coming from the highway), so I couldn't know it was me horn spamming as I didn't do it intentionally! I realized it was me when it was too late, as I got a two day ban for doing so (ironically enough, this is the same ban limit a rammer who earlier intentionally rammed me I reported via the Forum report system including the video evidence got).. To save my fellow keyboard truckers from the pits of hell (the ban void), I would like to make everyone aware of this bug. As I said it's the second time I've experienced something similiar.. Once I was in the same route (different traffic jam) when someone PM'ed me that I had to turn off my lights because it was shining in his mirrors (not high beams, I never have my high beams on with oncoming traffic as the European law applies with that, I do have driving experience of my own in RL because of my driving license). So I set my lights to city lights (dimmed lights) and PM'ed back: "is this clear enough for you?", while I accidentally pressed the same buttons used for the reverse (common button: S) and cruise control (common button: C) and somehow I got the 5 km/h traction (the minimum requirement for the cruise control tolerance) and got stuck in reverse accidentally hitting the car behind me.. I reversed my truck in panic to the sideroad, hitted the parking brake (as it was still going in it's reverse and couldn't be resetted) and explained it wasn't intentional via chat (fixed the problem strangely enough). Fortunately enough, at that time I was lucky enough to have the all-seeing eye of an admin above me who knew about this bug and didn't banned nor kicked me but sent me instead to the service station with his teleporting power. But as you'll see in the video, I wasn't too lucky this time and justice was served for a year long (as long as I started playing the ETS2 Multiplayer) clear of ban history. And; as I already said, ironically justified with the same length an intentional troller will get when you report him/her for ramming via the official webiste report system. Also, a small bug but worth mentioning: when one presses CTRL + Enter to minimize the game and head back to the game and types in chat using the button 'V', when you copied a text earlier it's apper (like CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting). Not sure if this is on purpose, but it is quite annoying when you're not expecting it.. The video regarding the horn getting stuck while typing will hopefully speak for itself (title is because I'm still waiting for the admin to remove my unjustified ban), sorry for the typos throughout the explanation as I was in a rush to have my video uploaded within the two day ban limit as it'll expire after two days (yes, I can wait that long but as I said it wasn't justified as I didn't spam on purpose):
  8. Good Day, I like you use the middle mouse left and right button for my indicators, however because of hose they are configured, right is tab... My issue is tab brings up the local player window, and im unsure how or if it is possible to rebind the local players list to another key, if so, how? i have trawlled aaround my ing game settings options for a while now, to no avail
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