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Found 3 results

  1. TL:DR Drivers deliver their cargo late due to wrong synchronization. I can avoid it as a player, but cannot manage all the hired ones. There is a known "bug" that if you are in job and log out, the delivery time will not pause or be postponed, which makes you always finish a job during your game session (you can log out and restart a game, but basically need to finish the job within your "gaming-time" - cannot leave it for tommorow, for example). For some reason, the mod developers still didn't come with solution (my suggestion is to check how much time did the player skip and adjust the delivery requirement time accordingly). I could live with it - if I choose a long track, I need to reserve my time for trucking and not do any other IRL things - and if I need t leave for emergency reasons, I can finish the job in singleplayer. --------------------------------- Now what is the problem with hired drivers: They do not work while you are not in game (so millions won't land on your bank account), but when I checked some of them, their last deliveries were in negative numbers. What is the issue? I guess, the same as above! It appears as though "fixing one bug created another" and this is probably the case. Since I cannot have control over all hired drivers and make them start working at the same time (while also avoiding long-time deliveries), it is hard to find a good time when I can quit the game and make all drivers not get time-outed on their job. Did somebody come up with a solution? What can I do about this?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if hired workers actually get about driving. I just hired my first driver and it seems to be constantly resting.
  3. Hello! I'm brand new to the multiplayer section and was at fist pretty excited, but I have several questions. The time seems to be fixed for the server. Means if I take a bank loan the ingame days to pay the dept back is ticking wether I'm online or not? Am I correct? If so, taking a loan online seems kinda risky. Also it clearly says on several pages that workers does NOT work on the multiplayer section. Whomever. I played this morning and hired 2 workers. None of them made a income while i played. But now when I'm back and log in my account balance went from 80k to about 400k (prolly couse of the workers right?) and also I can see that 1 of the workers has a higher driver raiting than me and went from 2 skill points to about 10-15. So they do work, even if you're not playing. Strange... I've read on forums that its suggested that you play on SP untill you can afford your own truck to drive around in. Why is that? Sometimes I have to drive across whole europe but I dont have time to finnish. If i save half way and take a break(eating dinner, sleeping and continue next day) and I log on again. My drive has gone to waste due delivery time expired. Is there anyway to bypass this or do you have to make sure to finnish the whole drive before quitting? //Exiless
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