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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, when i start the game, my mouse in the game like broken, whe i start my truck, all the game lagx i see dark and i can use the mouse cause i can see it. Thanks you.
  2. Hello. I'm not sure if I'm in the correct place or not. Would I be banned or kicked from TruckersMP if I use a graphics mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2? to enhance the graphics. The Mod It's self is not harmful to other players or classed as "cheating" So I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. If you know if it's allowed or not please let me know.
  3. Game is using Intel HD 5500 instead of amd r5 m330 and the control panel of amd (adrenalin 2019) doesn't allow me to switch graphics. I don't know what to do for now so can somebody help me please?
  4. Myself along with probably thousands of players would like to see better rims and tires better warning lights for oversized haulers and better engine sounds... and overall more types of trucks(brands) take the real wheels pack from steam workshop.. wheels look real. There's many different choices from steel wheels down to Alcoa aluminum rims... tires are real and not cartoony. Engines sounds from true engines also found on workshop for Cummins Caterpillar Detroit Paccar. Break off from the norm. And make mp as good as the real game your players would love it. Oh and one final thing... make the scout more customizable with real looking lights and more mounting options for light heads... AI car traffic aswell...sincerely Mp players from around the world As trucking and more
  5. Guest


    Good Evening I have a question about the graphics settings. Is it possible to play with a 6gb Nvidia GTX 1060 on Ultra graphics with more than 40 FPS?
  6. Help! My game keeps crashing when I change my graphic settings. This never happens because I always run my game on the highest settings and the game runs very good. Until one day, my graphic setting, resets and then I change it, it crashes or freezes and then I shut off the laptop and turn it back on. I tried deleting the game and re downloading on Steam, updating drivers, making a new profile. Please help me, I haven't gotten to play this in 2 weeks. Thanks! SPECS: GeForce GTX 1070 Max Q 8 GB Intel i7 8 Gen Processor 16 GB of RAM
  7. After update my game is with this problem someone knows how to fix ??
  8. Hi, I updated truckerMP client to version and the game graphics is completely broken, I see half of the truck, ground on the top of the screen etc.... Vanilla game without TruckerMP mod runs normally. I have NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M and Windows 7 x64
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