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Found 11 results

  1. Hello truckers, If trucks from ETS2 become available in ATS, which truck would you prefer and drive? I would like to drive my personal favourites the Scania 580S and MAN TGX 2020 Thanks for your answers Kind regards, Mr. K TruckersMP Verified VTC Leader / CEO of Shepard Logistics
  2. Hello! Do you like to drive in the rain or in clear weather on Ets2? Have you ever tried to drive while it rains? What effect did it have on you?
  3. Hello! First of all thank you for taking the time to reply on this topic. Do you think it is better to drive the truck with the retarder or without? What would you recommend and why? Thanks for your answer. Kind Regards, ROMANISTA [ITA] TruckersMP Veteran Player
  4. Hello truckers! What do you think about players who are constantly traveling at 110 km/h on C-D road? I think that at some points on the road C-D, players should understand that they have to slow down for example near curves that can be dangerous at 110 km/h. What do you think? Thanks for answers.
  5. Hello truckers! What bothers you the most in drive of players on truckersmp? For example, I am very annoyed by people who overtake when they see that it is impossible to re-enter before creating a collision with other players (either coming from the opposite direction or against the player who is overtaken). Another thing that annoys me is when people exceed the speed limit and don't understand the dangers. There are other things that bother me but I'm not going to list them all. Thanks for your answer. Kind Regards, ROMANISTA [ITA] TruckersMP Veteran Player
  6. Hello truckers! Do you like driving more on the highway or on secondary roads? Why?
  7. Hello truckers! Have you ever driven on Kirkenes Quarry (Road) in Promods server? Is it easy for you to drive on that road? If not, why?
  8. Hello! Are you someone who overtakes easily or do you have patience to stay behind other truck drivers in the game? I know that sometimes it is not easy to remain patient but I prefer not to overtake, especially if I risk making accidents . Thank you all for answers.
  9. Hello. If you drive the car (skoda) in the game, do you also use the trailer (caravan)?
  10. Hello. Do you usually drive with or without cruise control? What speed do you use usually?
  11. I just made a new profile and now i cant drive because i dont have a truck and there is no kind of that job that gives u a truck!!! what should i dooo?
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