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Found 4 results

  1. Considering how we already have one DBus Wod bus, I'd recommend adding another. Since DBus World has 4 buses in their steam collection (one of which is already in TMP), there'd be nothing bad being done by adding a secondary one.
  2. Bonjour à tous, Je vous écris ici car je voulais partager le système de lignes de bus complet pour TruckersMP (ETS 2) que j'ai créé. Celui-ci inclut tous les pays et villes contenant une gare routière. Vous trouverez plus d'informations sur celui-ci sur mon serveur Discord. Merci pour votre lecture, Cordialement, Michael Keal.
  3. So when DBus support was added to TruckersMP I had a bus purchased, however when I go to play TruckersMP with the DBus client connect and open, and the mod is working, I cannot find any buses for sale within Europe at any of the truck dealerships, I thought maybe I need to enable the Workshop mod but apparently you can no longer use "client mods" on TMP, so what am I supposed to do to be able to find buses again? Were they removed, if so there is nothing indicating nor saying they have been removed. I would really like to know why I can't purchase any buses, thanks.
  4. An error in a Foreign Language Waiting for game to start The Error Code is 2503/02 WRITTEN ERRORS + Can I change the window opening button in the file? If so, where is it located. I accidentally clicked the left mouse button to open the window and now I can't click anything in the window? - Turn off game, go to your Documents folder and delete hry-core folder + how do I hide the box on top? - you can hide it with the END key + DBus in Truckers MP but when i start the route i don't get nothing at the navigation route - Do not forget to select map > TruckersMP Bus Routes on the DBus Client! + When I click start on the selected route in the DBus client, the game crash - It depends on the density of the server, wait a few hours and try again + How the hell do i open the doors on the busses? - have you set the right window on/off and left window on/off keys? there should be a total of 4 keys. + DBus uninstall - 1- Sell all our buses. 2- Remove Steam Workshop subscription of our buses. 3- Remove the dbus_telemetry.dll from Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win_x64/plugins 4- In case you don't use Harry's plugin manager for other plugins, remove hry_assets, hry_plugins and hry-core.dll. 5- In case you don't use any other telemetry, you can delete the whole telemetry folder. 6- Uninstall the Client like any other program. 7- Remove the DBus Client folder in your Documents + DBus Website errors + 1- Install the browser. 2- Clear the browser's cache. 3- Try a different browser. 4- If your problem has not been solved, collect a detailed description of your problem - the steps you have taken to the point of the problem, the solutions you have tried and whether it has worked before, explain what is happening while you are working 5- If your problem is not solved, you may not be able to log in due to the intensity, I recommend that you try again after a few hours! + Steam error that occurs during registration | DBus Registration - Check that your Steam profile is public Steam > Edit Profile > Privacy Settings > Game details: Open to Everyone Inventory: Open to Everyone and please don't find a tick. + Problem witch loading the save. - Don't forget the mod error fields, some mods don't support truckersmp and won't allow it! Please continue playing on singleplayer when you download the recording tmp will not allow you to play with this recording. Updated: 13/07/2022 - 18:53 If you have anymore questions, don't forget to stop by Truckers MP Discord or DBus Support server
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