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Found 5 results

  1. Dear truckers, In this guide I want to help especially convoy newbies to find convoys, to prepare for convoys as well as finally to take part in convoys. Maybe some experienced drivers can also learn one or two things, who knows? If you have any criticism, feedback or additions, feel free to comment under this thread or contact me directly via the forum / our Discord server. ========================= Agenda: General Information: - What is a convoy? - Difference between official convoys & community convoys The beginning: - Where c
  2. hello new players welcome the truckers mp family what should you do when you start a new game These are the things you should or shouldn't do in the game 1-don't hack cheating is a reason for the ban speed hack or like changing the way the game works 2-The level and money cheat gets your gaming pleasure please Try to improve yourself don' use cheat engine 3-please do not disturb other players If you bother you will receive complaint(sorry it was a little harsh this its a rule) 4-always be on video record if you are unfairly banned or if you are going to complain to
  3. In this article I'll help you if you are new here! First, you need to create an account. First of all you should read the rules. They are very important for you. When you drive in-game there are special rules. Here you can find the rules: type here On the web side there are many things that you can find. At the beginning I would just look around the side and see what you can find. After that you must download the mod (if you didn't do it already). Now you start the application "TruckersMP" Sign in (Type in your Email and your p
  4. Hello, so I decided to make this because I personally notice a lot of accidents where people could just avoid them. I hope these tips help other drivers. Tips: 1. Keep distance (50 meters is good) - keeping distance is one of the most important things you could do to avoid accidents, the truck in front of you might just lag or brake when you won't be expecting. 2. Use hazard lights to warn drivers behind you - Hazard lights should be used to warn drivers behind you when there is an accident, someone in front of you starts braking unexpectedly or if you
  5. Ayuda Audio visual Si tienes dudas déjala en los Comentarios
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