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Found 5 results

  1. TruckersMP Beginner's Guide _______________________________________ Welcome, new TruckersMP players! This guide will help you understand the basic rules of the game and teach you how to behave on the road. In this guide, we will not go too deep into the game process, we will tell you only the basic things that you need to understand. The official TruckersMP Rules are found here. _______________________________________ 1. Basic Rules of TruckersMP Respect other players : Always respect other players, regardless of their experience or level. We are all here to enjoy the game. Follow traffic rules : Always follow the traffic rules when there are players around you. Make sure to keep a sensible speed and follow the traffic lights and signs. Do not block other players : Do not place your truck in a way that obstructs other players. This can lead to punishment. Use appropriate language : Do not use excessively offensive or inappropriate language in chat. 2.How to behave on the road Be polite : Always be polite on the road. If you accidentally collide with another player, apologize. Keep to the right side (except in the UK, where it’s left-hand traffic) : In most countries, drivers keep to the right side of the road. Follow this rule to avoid collisions. Use turn signals : Always use turn signals when you intend to turn or change lanes. Maintain a safe distance : Keep a safe distance from other trucks to avoid collisions. Be patient : If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your turn to load, be patient. Your turn will definitely come. 3. “The C-D Road”: Term used in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 (TruckersMP) to describe a place with a large concentration of players. On the C-D (Calais to Duisburg) Road, you need to be very careful. This road is usually very congested, so make sure to pay extra attention and follow the TruckersMP Rules. A map of the C-D Road. 4. Understanding TruckersMP servers TruckersMP offers several servers for different styles of play: Simulation servers : These servers are intended for more realistic gameplay. They have strict rules and speed limits. Arcade servers : These servers have no speed limits and are perfect for those who just want to have fun. ProMods servers : These servers use the ProMods map, which adds an extra dimension of realism with new locations and roads. (All DLCs are required). You can find out more about the different servers here and here. 5. How to avoid penalties Follow the rules : The simplest way to avoid punishment is to follow the rules. If you are unsure about any rule, you can always ask for help in the Discord or on the Forum. Use common sense : If something seems wrong, it probably is. Always strive to play fairly and with respect for other players. Report violations : If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report it, either in-game or through the report system. This helps moderators respond to problems faster. You find out more about Game Moderation here. 6. Useful tips for beginners Practice in single-player mode : Before joining a multiplayer game, practice in single-player mode. This will help you get used to truck controls and traffic rules. Join the community : The TruckersMP community is very friendly and always ready to help newcomers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the Discord, on the Forum or in-game chat. Enjoy the game : In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy the game. Don’t forget to enjoy the views and the friendly atmosphere of TruckersMP. Always check online map : Its will help you to know what the problems you will have on the road such as jams or how much people on the city. TruckersMP has a Discord Server full of great community members! _______________________________________ I hope this guide will help you better understand TruckersMP and become a successful truck driver. Good luck on the roads!
  2. First of all, Welcome to TruckersMP #1 I Will Write Articles Thinking You Have Just Started Here If You Know Some Subjects, You Are Also Knowing The Game. At TruckersMP, You Meet Many Different People. Some Of These Are Aggressive Angered , Some People Apologize Calm People It's Best For You To Be Calm Because You are less likely to eat ban would be If someone crosses the opposite lane and crashes into your vehicle or truck, you just need to save a screenshot If you do this, you can easily ban the other party from the server for a limited time. We recommend that you do not fight in the game. Because it's a game Yes Only 1 Game! There may be minor accidents in the game, we recommend that you do not get angry. You Can Do These To Ban The Other Party In Any Event #2 Manager Accidentally Banned Me What Should I Do? Unlikely an Admin will ban you accidentally because he is also human. If you think this you need to have proof! All You Have To Do Is Throw A Ticket If a forum administrator gets this he will take care of you! EASY #3 Just Started The Game What Should I Do? In This Case, You Can Watch The Videos Of The Game On A Social Media Platform ( educational ones xD ) #4 I Get Different Bugs In The Game What Can I Do You Can Search This In The Forum! I Hear You Say What We Can Do If We Can't Find It! In This Case It Will Be Sufficient To Throw A Ticket Or You Can Ask For Help In The Forum yes again easy :) #5 How I Can Talk to People in the Game? Press X (it's a joke but the key is correct) You can talk with the x key and write with the y(maybe t idk)key. Crowded places of the game between calais and duisburg You can usually find a citizen of your country, but we recommend that the spoken language is English (English Main Language) Best Regards, ? Arda Bal (User)
  3. hello new players welcome the truckers mp family what should you do when you start a new game These are the things you should or shouldn't do in the game 1-don't hack cheating is a reason for the ban speed hack or like changing the way the game works 2-The level and money cheat gets your gaming pleasure please Try to improve yourself don' use cheat engine 3-please do not disturb other players If you bother you will receive complaint(sorry it was a little harsh this its a rule) 4-always be on video record if you are unfairly banned or if you are going to complain to another player this will be proof 5-Be careful don't crash if you do crash youre banned 6-don't joke other players keep your tracking distance on full roads(duisburg-calais or kirkenes) These are the things you should or shouldn't do in the forum 1-Being solition oriented if there is anything subject you know please say it 2-No talking slang the forum be kind don't break anyone 3-don't humiliate people on a subject they don't know.İf you know tell them they truth 4-create a support ticket if your issue is not resolved 5.If you want to be a moderator in the forum, you will be patient.choices are made in the forum over time not everyone can be a moderator you become a moderator on different topics according to the features you will make There are more rules, but these are the simplest rules you need to do Thanks 09khazix35
  4. Whats a good XP gaining mod to get for Truckers MP?
  5. Hi all, I have made a guide (work in progress) That I would liek to share http://bit.ly/1EsmEGY I hope this helps soem people
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