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Found 6 results

  1. Moin Community wäre es nicht geil die Polizei Lackierung für ETS2 und ATS Arcade Server freizuschalten? LG, DanieCeBus
  2. Hello I am all for TruckersMP making a simulation server, but why not have an arcade server which has collisions? Europe #2 was essentially that and was the most popular. This way all players get to play on the server they like, all rules still apply on this just not speed restricted (Or back to speed limit of 93mph or higher) If this is not in mind could we have a reason why? It seems strange you remove this style of play when Europe #1 was close to simulation already. This would not effect them at all
  3. It says that arcade speeding limit is removed but when I drive on ETS2 over the speed limit I get fined why ? I also get fined for going through a red light I joined Arcade because I like to speed but still getting fined for it on Arcade why ? What's the point of it then ?
  4. from the beginning of playing tmp I wonder why you can not play on the Arcade server even with a ban?
  5. Suggestion Name: Serveur ProMods Arcade Suggestion Description: Hello, Is it possible to have a ProMods version of a no speed limit server like Arcade? Why should it be added?: because but friends and I like to play arcade and we would also like to play on ProMods
  6. Suggestion Name: Arcade server with collision Suggestion Description: The idea would be to have an arcade server but with a collision and without a limiter, since it takes away the realism of collisions, the dead zone of the trucks and more, since it is frustrating to go at an average speed of 130 kilometers and that other players just go through laziness to get ahead properly Any example images: I do not have Why should it be added?: Because it would be very rewarding for drivers to be able to go at the speed they want while maintaining the realism of physics, shocks etc etc and so it would escape a bit from the routine of having to go to 110 limited since some see it as boring, just that I would ask to have a collision on an arcade server to see how the community responds and go back to the funny TMP from before.
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