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Found 8 results

  1. In order to register at TruckersMP.com, you must first have your Steam profile made public, to pass the verification process. The next step is to have at least 2 hours of play time on Steam for either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Now we`re moving to the actual activation of the game, login at TruckersMP.com, go to My Profile - Settings then press on check now, http://prntscr.com/a1cl6l The games should be activated on TruckersMP in 5-60 minutes and you`ll be able to login in game and play our multiplayer mod. We are sorry any inconveniences caused, we introduced the two hours limit to restrict accounts made with the only purpose to create havoc for the other players.
  2. Suggestion Name: Adding the ''Re-send Activation Link/Code'' Suggestion Description: By mistakely deleting the coming activation mail.. So, It's very important to add this feature. -I searched before opening this topic. I hope there are no such topics. - Any example images; (More than 1 picture, other photo ideas,) Why should it be added?: Because, Many players are opening the topic with this problem. I know ''this doesn't effect your ability to do anything on the website or in-game.'' But there is a very easy solution for this (for me) to improve So when a topic like this opened, it will be able to be answered easily.
  3. Bonjour, lorsque que je veux activé mon compte, je peux le faire que pour ATS alors que je joue sur ETS2. De plus, lorsque j'essaie de me connecter sur TruckerMP pour jouer, il me dit que l'adresse mail ou le mot de passe est incorect alors que quand j'essaie sur le site TruckerMP avec la même adresse mail et le même mot de passe, cela fonctionne. Pourquoi cela?
  4. I was trying to figure out why my account still says not activated? I was talking to someone about rank and they said you have to be a member for a year. I have no rank and was wondering if it was due to not being activated? If you can help be figure this out I would appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day. GPA_RoadRunner Rank: PlayerMember since: 16 Feb 2015 21:40Account Status: Not ActivatedLinked games: Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator
  5. I have waited like a month for my profile to activate but it still hasnt yet and I have been looking at the forums and tried everything I can to ctivate my account. My "activate now" button in the settings has disappeared and my profile still says Not Activated, I checked my emails for a link or anything but could not find one. I am dying to play ATS online. HELPPPPPPPPPPP!
  6. Hello guys, A friend of mine also wanted to ETS2MP play with me. However, he can not complete the activation of his account, because he does not receive an activation email. A re-send the mail also does not help. He has provided a support Tiket, but there get any confirmation. I therefore ask you for help. Greetings Daniel
  7. Hi! My friend has a problem with the activation, when he tries to login in, in the game it says that his account isnt activated but on the website it says that he is activated? pls help!
  8. Hi! I have ETS2MP mod and have been playing it for a while without any major problems. I suggested to my friend that he should join me and try it out. Now he is stuck on the activation stage since he is apparently not receiving an activation e-mail from the website. I have suggested that he look for it in the spam-folder since that's where I found mine but he tells me it isn't there so now I don't know what to do to help him out anymore other than posting here. Any suggestions? Is this a a known problem?
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