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  1. -------------------------------Brotherhood Association------------------------------- China Transport Team 中国运输队 Today, we will sail again, transporting machinery, construction materials and food materials to our destination, and all infrastructure equipment will be on this transport list.Express the deep mourning for the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake 13 years ago and the highest respect for the construction assistance force! Love you,China! 今天,我们将再一次启航,运输机械设备、建筑材料和食品物资前往目的地,所有的基础建设装备都会在这一次的运输名单之内。以表达对13年前汶川大地震中遇难同胞的深切悼念以及对援建力量的最高敬意!爱你,中国! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event information: 活动信息: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event planning: 活动安排: Starting: 2021.05.16 (UTC11: 00) End: 2021.05.16(UTC15: 00) Server: China Transport Team Server capacity:300 DLC:None 开始:2021.05.16 (UTC11: 00) 结束:2021.05.16(UTC15: 00) 服务器:中国运输队 服务器容量:300 DLC:不需要 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event rules: 事件规则: 1.No cars (Only event staff and Media teams can use pilot cars). 2.No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons). 3.No overtaking (Event staff can overtake others on roads with a central reservation barrier only). 4.Event staff can block junctions. 5. Event staff and media teams can use the other side of the road. 6.Please listen to instruction from verified Event Staff. 1.禁用小车(只有活动工作人员和媒体团队可以使用引导车). 2.禁用信标(只有工作人员可以使用信标). 3.禁止超车(活动工作人员只能在设有中央隔离带护栏的道路上超车). 4.活动工作人员可以阻断交通. 5.活动工作人员和媒体团队可以使用道路的另一侧. 6.请听从工作人员的指示. -------------------------------Brotherhood Association-------------------------------
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