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  1. the only thing you see in game chat is "rec" and "rec ban" its actually sad, people spend so much time saying "rec ban" then they do driving, its not called "rec ban" sim its called euro truck simulator for a reason, stop reporting people for the smallest mistakes. 

    1. Reaper


      It's actually been a while for me since I saw anyone legitimately trolling anymore. I cannot remember the last time I had someone deliberately ram me off the road in their little car, or things like that. There used to be people seemingly dedicated to this type of behavior, roaming around looking for people to mess with. Now I see people who misjudge corners sometimes or swing slightly wide through a turn, and instantly people around them are spamming "REC BAN" or "REC REPORT" etc etc. I wonder if half of them do actually submit these small reports. I imagine there're individuals on the servers who make it their mission simply to patrol around and submit reports, wonder how much "play time" they get through that. 


      It's no wonder the admins/moderator are absolutely swamped with reports all the time. I think reporting should be saved for those who are actively trying to ruin others fun, not people who roll over through a corner. 


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