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  1. ATBboss

    Road to Simulation

    Ridiculous rule. U can have your simulation server, at least give us a normal one just as ETS 2 game comes. The map feels dull, and now i think offline is more fun. Post an official voting on the truckers mp page and lets see what the players says. Simulation server and normal server separately you'll see. well said my friend. They are giving the mod free thats why they take us for granted.
  2. ATBboss

    Road to Simulation

    Give us at least one arcade server with collision and no speed limit(OR 150KPH). Personally this is just a game and in a game you are supposed to be able to do things you cannot in real life. So I think many of us here would like to have such a server for fun. For example like EUROPE 2 server was. I do hope that you consider this as this would be a play or no play factor for many people. THANKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. @Wheezy @_Russian
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