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  1. after experimenting a few times i tried disabling the autosave feature in the documents>americantrucksimulator>profiles>*profile number data*>config file. uset g_autoload_ignore_autosave and changed it's value to "1" instead of "0" to disable to autosave, didn't experience any crashes until I crossed a map line.
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    im sure he knows all this, he's just venting frustration as to why people would pay money to not play within the framework of the game. But at the same time, why pay 20 bucks to sit in a virtual traffic jam? lol. also of note, a simple report can end in a few days ban, but recorded evidence adds at least one extra month to the ban, worth a mention since no one else is lol
  3. i know the winter mod is currently disabled until they reactivate it for the season. I've already deleted and re-installed the app new save file? a new MP save file or new profile save? thanks :), it's not too big of an issue, I'm just tired of having to reset my settings everytime I start the client
  4. Pretty much right in the title. I'm unable to disable the winter mod, and all my other graphics, voice, and UI settings through the multiplayer tab menu are defaulted each time I exit the game. I've just recently installed it on a new computer, a little trouble getting my single Player profile transferred, but managed that, so I have all my money, hired drivers, trucks, and skills, and my in game preferences persist through restarts, it's only the multiplayer settings that default. I've uninstalled the mod and reinstalled it multiple times, deleted all local files except my profile save, and reinstalled it. The only thing I have left to try that I can think of is to uninstall steam, and start from scratch, with nothing. I'm trying to avoid this if at all possible, so is there anyone who's had this issue and knows a fix? I've spent the better part of an hour going through forums with no luck. Thanks.
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