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  1. I can login perfectly, but even when I select "remember me" I have to fill in everything again when I start up the game a next time. And the next problem is that even tho it says it will save my game automatically when closing the game properly it doesnt safe it at all. but when I save in the offline game it works perfectly fine.
  2. in singleplayer everything works just fine, and yes the login screen on truckers mp where you also select "remember details" and wich server, and selecting "remember details" also doesnt work.
  3. I installed ETS 2 MP on my new laptop , allready had it on an older laptop, but now it doesnt remember my login details, when I save a game it doesnt actually save it. so whhen I restart I am back to where I started last time. Allready made a new game but it doesnt work either.
  4. So i got banned for crashing into a red light runner but i want to get him banned too if he is not. and please do something about red light runners, and can i bann through my compilation videos on my channel? Here is the video:
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