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  1. mic works fine in discord and volume is turned up ingame still nothing they can see that i key up but hear nothing
  2. so i am ingame and press v to chat and the speaker comes up but no one can hear me my mic is working fine in other programs just not in ats. i am not the first one with this problem others have said it aswell
  3. i did now it asks me to allow game to launch and says american truck simulator is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below has an ok button and a cancel button i click ok it comes back up with the same allow game launch question
  4. i have tried downgrading ats through steam and have yet to be able to get into multiplayer i also get a fatal error after clicking no on the do you need help downgrading popup i have tried everything in the beta screen of steam and none have let me into multiplayer been dealing with this for over a week now
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