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  1. [GER]Loading...'s post in Truckers MP Error was marked as the answer   
    Please be able and use the searchbar or watch around in the forum....
  2. [GER]Loading...'s post in Reporting system was marked as the answer   
    this thread will explain you, why your report will declinied :
    I hope this thread will help you too
    kind regards
  3. [GER]Loading...'s post in Any way to rejoin after being kicked? was marked as the answer   
    You can't be kicked by an admin because the system has an "auto kick".
    You didn't drive or had wrote anything so it called as "afk", I don't think that the system can "check" that you're in a shop.
    Maybe will it help to change the settings, this helped me.
    Nope, not another way, you have to restart your game.
    I hope this help you.
    kind regards
  4. [GER]Loading...'s post in Get fatal error, my game crashed and now my mouse doesn't work :( was marked as the answer   
    Problem has been fixed.
    My friend ( @Lucas Peterbilt ) helped me out He deleted all files of ETS 2 (and the hiddens data) and of TruckersMP data/files.
    Now i can play
    @CaptainKostaZ thx for you help
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