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  1. Can anyone join me for a 2 man convoy in ETS2 or ATS multiplayer? make sure you have a microphone if you want to. Up to you which game we do.

  2. Convoy

    I can play later at like 6-7pm eastern time. thank you
  3. Convoy

    Sent, check your requests, name is Dylicka [real life name is dylan]. Do not ask me how I got that name lol. edit. How to get to the next rank on this site?
  4. Convoy

    same name is here?
  5. Convoy

    forgot to mention, I own all trucks with the largest sleeper cabs, up to you which one you want to see me in
  6. Convoy

    This sounds stupid but does anyone want to do a 2 truck convoy starting from Elko?