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  1. EnLight's post in Feedback issue? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jefferz,
    Normally when you contact / create a ticket via the feedback system your case is reviewed by 'upper staff', as you already know. These individuals have final say on what happens with the feedback ticket you opened. Since you stated you were given a reply and the ticket was closed, whatever subject matter you created the ticket for, was most likely declined. You have very limited options on what to do from here, because like said above, upper staff have a final decision especially within the feedback system.
    My advice to you, would be to get in contact with a project manager (via pm)  as judging by the ranks within the community (I have linked a forum information thread below for you to look at): 
    Once again, I must bring to your attention - If you have received a reply from your feedback ticket you opened and it was closed with a statement saying it was rejected, this is usually a final decision taken onboard. 
  2. EnLight's post in My IG acc deleted was marked as the answer   
    We do not delete TruckersMP accounts, you must have forgotten your login details. 
    To start an account recovery process, please submit a support ticket here: https://support.truckersmp.com/  A member of the support team will deal with your ticket as soon as possible. 
  3. EnLight's post in How to fix Mighty Griffin not working in MP was marked as the answer   
    Please avoid merging different questions into pre-existing help threads of different content. 
    /Topic split. 
    For the meantime, please go to your Steam library - Uncheck the Mighty Griffin Mod. 
    Right click ets2, properties, local files and verify your game files.  See if ETS2 downloads the DLC again and attempt to launch MP. If verifying the game files does not download the DLC automatically, please manually install it again by checking it from the Steam library. 
  4. EnLight's post in Quick Job problems was marked as the answer   
    Please follow the instructions from this official support guide: 
  5. EnLight's post in ETS2 problem - Jobs disappeared (singleplayer) was marked as the answer   
    Since you have already tried sleeping which did not work for you, please proceed to follow the instructions found on this official support guide: 
    Let us know if you have any problems regarding the instructions found on the guide. We will be happy to help you. 
  6. EnLight's post in Access to map_small is denied was marked as the answer   
    Could you post a screenshot of the error you are experiencing? This will help us offer you a specific solution. 
    Thank you. 
  7. EnLight's post in Error game Crash was marked as the answer   
    1. Go to your documents and delete the ETS2MP folder.
    2. Run a single game in x64 DirectX mode 
    3. Drive a short distance 
    4. Exit Game 
    5. Run multiplayer
  8. EnLight's post in Reports Evidence Public? was marked as the answer   
    It does not matter at all. As long as you provide a correct link which is able to be viewed by the admin, with the relevant evidence and time stamp; you are completely fine. 
    Does this solve your problem? 
  9. EnLight's post in Password Login Issue was marked as the answer   
    Please type up your credentials (email + password) onto separate lines in notepad or another text document software.
    Now copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL+V) each credential into the boxes of the actual launcher login page.
    If this solution fails to work, submit a support ticket here: https://support.truckersmp.com/  We will deal with your ticket as soon as possible. 
  10. EnLight's post in Can't update ATSMP was marked as the answer   
    Ensure your anti virus software + windows firewall has given an exception to the TruckersMP launcher. Ensure MSI Afterburner or Riva Tuner server is not running when attempting to download the updates. 
    Run the launcher as admin, press F1 and download the updates again.
    Failing the above - Follow the instructions within the quote box:
  11. EnLight's post in cannot open the launcher - connection error was marked as the answer   
    Hi harvtheman99,
    Please follow the instructions from solution 4 in the guide attached below: 
    All credits for the instructions in the quote box go to the original author(s) from the thread linked above. 
  12. EnLight's post in TruckersMP, Unsupported game version was marked as the answer   
    Please ensure you have met the following criteria below:
    > Steam Library
    > Right click ETS2
    > Properties
    > Betas
    > NONE - Opt out of all beta programs

    If the error still continues, follow the instructions from this thread:
    *Note: The solution(s) above will only work if attempting to launch ETS2 with all the latest updates installed. It will NOT work if you are trying to launch ATS, since there has not been a patch released for ATS yet.*
  13. EnLight's post in Crash was marked as the answer   
    Hi Natasha1,
    Please follow the instructions from this guide:
    If you need additional help regarding the instructions found on the guide, feel free to ask and I shall help you further. 
  14. EnLight's post in key voice chat was marked as the answer   
    Hi DarkShadow,
    Welcome to the forums.
    Unfortunately, at this current point in time; there is no option to do this.
    However, if you want to bind keyboard keys to a wheel or a controller, please use either one of the external applications: 
    http://joytokey.net/en/ - 'Joy To Key' | Free
    http://xpadder.com/ - 'xPadder' | Paid 
  15. EnLight's post in Ecnomy was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jacrispy,
    Possible reasoning: Using cheat engine to gain XP / money can cause game errors such as this and cause jobs to not display. (Be honest if you have done this just so I can know if this may be a reason for your error, it is not against the rules to use cheat engine for this purpose, so do not worry). 
    1. Follow the guide attached (you may have done this): 
    2. Try to F7 + ENTER or alternatively; sleeping may fix the issue.
    3. Verify integrity of game files (low chance of success - however it may be worth trying): 
    > Steam Library
    > Right click ETS2
    > Properties
    > Local Files
    > Verify Integrity of Game Files 
    Let me know once you have verified / done the above, if it fails to work I will provide you with another solution or workaround. 
  16. EnLight's post in "Cannot Create game Prgogress" was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jacrispy,
    Please run the launcher application + Steam with administrator privileges.
    As well as the above, 
    > Go to Steam
    > Steam Library
    > Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator
    > Properties
    > Local Files
    > Verify integrity of game files
    > Wait for the process to complete, then attempt to launch MP.
    Make sure to have selected the correct install path (ets2/ats directory) upon install of the TruckersMP launcher:
    > Go to Steam
    > Steam Library
    > Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2
    > Properties
    > Local Files
    > Browse Local Files (This should take you to the correct ets2/ats directory)
  17. EnLight's post in How do you get this? was marked as the answer   
    Hi DriveYourWay,
    The most possible explanation for this is something known as 'save editing'. I will be honest in saying I am not fully expertised in this field; however I have found a guide to do with editing the number plate colours. I am not sure if you could completely remove the number plate, however I am guessing you could change the colour to white to make it not visible.
    Either way, have a look below, play around with some of the colours / command lines and see what you can do: 
    Apologies if it does not work out the exact way you wanted it to, but at least you may learn something new from it. 
    Best of luck. 
  18. EnLight's post in Draw distance (Trucks) was marked as the answer   
    Hi Taz07,
    Welcome to the forums, as well as TruckersMP.
    To change your draw distance:
    > Ensure you are connected to multiplayer
    > Press TAB on your keyboard
    > Right click your mouse for the cursor to appear
    > Go to settings / click on the settings icon
    > Graphics tab
    > You should see a slider for draw distance. Try changing the slider settings (higher / towards the right) and see what you prefer.
  19. EnLight's post in Versions bug. was marked as the answer   
    Hi Oscar78,
    I remember helping you with this exact problem a while back.
    Just follow the instructions from this guide again and it should work:
    Feel free to PM me like before if you need further assistance. 
  20. EnLight's post in HELP WITH VERSIONS OF ETS2 was marked as the answer   
    Hi Oscar78,
    Welcome to the forums.
    Please read this official guide, it should solve your issue:
    Also, please ensure you have 'opted out of all Betas':
    > Steam Library
    > Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2
    > Properties
    > Betas
    > Select 'None - Opt out of all beta programs'
    If you have any more questions or queries regarding the guide or instructions above, then do not be afraid to ask me and I will help you further. 
  21. EnLight's post in help me please was marked as the answer   
    Please remove / dismiss some of you existing drivers, along with selling their trucks.
    The time taken for your drivers and income to be synced with the multiplayer server takes time. Using a profile with a small amount of drivers and trucks, or a profile without any can help speed up the server synchro pattern.
    Once following this procedure, you should experience these freezes to have reduced in length, or to have come to a complete stop. 
    Alternatively, waiting for 10 minuites + for the freeze to correct itself works much better. This is preferred because it seems to prevent the problem occurring again in the future. 
  22. EnLight's post in Trailers color was marked as the answer   
    This package full of many mods (all working with multiplayer) contains the painted trailers: 
  23. EnLight's post in How to get picture and green tags next to name was marked as the answer   
    Hi TechnutGaming,
    I am guessing you are talking about the 'Player Tag'.
    You have a player tag which you can set by:
    > Pressing TAB on your keyboard
    > Right click your mouse to display the movable cursor
    > Go to the settings icon which you can find on the bottom left of the tab menu box
    > You should see an empty box with a colour next to it saying 'Player Tag'
    > You can go ahead and change your tag.
    In regards to your picture, this will automatically be set by whatever your Steam profile avatar is set to. 
    * Please note; you will not be able to see your player tag in-game, however other players will be able to. 
  24. EnLight's post in Black screen when starting Truckersmp was marked as the answer   
    1. Right click your desktop 
    2. Go to Display Settings 
    3. Select "Advanced Display Settings" (If needed - Make a note of the current resolution) 
    4. Choose the resolution 1280 X 720
    5. Launch ETS2.
    6. If you can see video output go to the ETS2 settings and ensure the resolution is set to your default monitor settings (native resolution)
    7. Exit ETS2
    8. Now follow the same instructions to set your display resolution back to your original screen resolution via windows. 
    In some case: ALT + ESC and then going back to the game sometimes fixes the issue. 
  25. EnLight's post in FPS when a lot of people was marked as the answer   
    Honestly, in high populated areas such as C - D at least every computer is going to drop frames. I've seen individuals with 2 1080's drop to about 30 fps on their settings in areas with 100 + people. That's not an exaggeration, the amount of players really puts a lot of strain on peoples CPU and GPU to process and render the other trucks / models. 
    So avoiding frame drops even with a good computer is really unavoidable or will be extremely hard to do, it happens to everyone.
    However there are certain things you can do to boost FPS, below you can find some of the tips I use:
    1. Right click windows task pane --> Click task manager ---> Head over to the processes tab ---> Find ets2.exe ---> Right click then go to priority and set it to high.
    2. Putting your 'scaling' down in the graphics settings of ETS2 will help. Having 300 % / 400 % scaling is really not the best ideas in populated areas so dropping to 200 % - 100 % may be a wiser option. Yes your game will not look as nice, but it certainly will boost your FPS.   
    3. Another thing you can do is go to control panel ---> hardware and sounds ---> power options --> click on "high performance". (Note it uses more power but will help boost fps).
    4. Try to "Unpark" your cores. - This definitely improved my system as well as others. Take a look here for the instructions + the application needed http://coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility
    5. Reducing mirror quality / distance to medium or if really needed high. Don't go to ultra, it really reduces your FPS.
    6. Grass density - Keep this on low (High takes a lot of FPS)
    7. Reflections - Putting this on medium will save FPS, especially considering all of the players around you will add to the strain of the GPU to render the reflections from individual trucks. 
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