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  1. He says he's done everything,still doesn't work unfortunately
  2. My friend is having a problem when he tries to start the launcher,he gets this error:
  3. I recently installed ETS2 after quite a while,and i decided to play TruckersMP,downloaded the new launcher and everything,first time it got into the game but my mouse was frozen and i only could do alt+f4 to shut the game down,because i couldn't click anything.I reinstalled TruckersMP AND ETS2 and now it just says when i try yo launch ETS2 from the launcher:''Can not create game process'' and it closes after that.
  4. I have a 64bit OS but MP still wont run.I think the problem is that,because when i run the 64x ETS2 from steam it says it stopped working just like on MP. -I tried running it as administrator -I reinstalled MP -I put the correct game file path while installing -I even ran the ets2.exe as administrator I have a short clip of what happens but i cant attach files to here...
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