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  1. before new scanias volvo was my fav, now the customisation and sleak look of the new scanias are just amazing.
  2. july 3, 2016. And every day is still something different.
  3. honestly just started playing mp, my intentions was to play properly, ( wait at lights and stuff ) yet the amount of people crashing into me wasn't worth it, so i just speed past them now, but i do check to see if anyone is coming either way.
  4. Ahh thought so, thank you
  5. i have ets2mp and got some mods from steam workshop, nothing too major just the real company's for gas stations and trailers[ brand names ect ] realism mod and a few others that just make the game more realistic, but when i activate them in ets2 and then load up multiplayer it says they aren't compatible and show a red "!" does anyone know why? i thought you could have mods as long as they aren't game breaking. any info would be great thanks.
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