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  1. I am trying to launch my game although, I can't as I have this bugging me every time I press that big blue play button. Any ideas on what I can do. https://gyazo.com/31bab2906831373cfab0d0a2fbfdf9e8
  2. For now I will stick with my technique with Shadowplay. Mark as solved.
  3. You could do that, but they are not wrong, it causes a lot of lag for me if I keep it on. Although there is not an option to turn chat logging off, and since that logs everything you and everyone else says but causes no lag I find it wrong that it should make that lag anyway.
  4. Since then, I have decided to use ShadowPlay to playback and then use the /s command to find the Truckers ID then report them, I don't usually use the in game one as I have more time on the website to do it.
  5. I got a problem, currently i'm attempting to report someone, which I cannot do, as I need to find their game ID. The only problem about this is the fact my log spawning files hasn't got the day saved it happened nor is it saving any more. I would like to know why this is and how i can fix it, thanks!
  6. Ok, i saw someone coming my way on the road, head on, seconds later I got crashed into, i recorded it if anyone wants to see it, feel free to ask. I'd also like to know how i can report him, because I only know how to by the tab menu.
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