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  1. Thanks to Community Manager for replying I thought about this idea when I wrote this article, but according to human instinct and driving in the real world, I will unconsciously turn the steering wheel to prevent collision.
  2. *I am from Taiwan, a country in Asia, so my English is not good, please forgive me.* I have been driving trucks at TrucksMP for almost 5 years, and I have encountered the situation in the video today. I was driving at the same speed as the truck in front, and suddenly stopped when he hit the car in front. I hit the brakes and turned to the side to prevent the collision. The truck in the opposite lane hits me directly. Everyone said to report me. I feel that I have somewhere wrong. I would like to ask you what will you do when you encounter this situation? *The sound of the video is recorded in the microphone, so you can hear the sound of the Logitech G27 and I hit the brakes.*
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