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  1. Thanks for the help of TruckersMP after installing windows. Please close the topic
  2. When I want to change it, it does not want to change it. What should I do if I have reinstalled windows even though it did not help
  3. Please answer me waiting for you for 40 minutes
  4. It does not work yet I have reinstalled the windows and it is not
  5. When I want to change this, she does not want to save it : And version i have .Net Framework
  6. But where do I have to create the folder?
  7. The latest .Net Framework I have There is nothing in the folder = C: \ Users \ name \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ InetCache And what about Clean your temp files with CCleaner Help me
  8. This tells me when I start TruckersMP
  9. Iginko5982

    32 BIT

    Prečo neurobite Multiplayer na 32 Bit bolo to dobre slapala hra jak mala dajte to späť mam 32BIT a kupoval som si hru kvoli multiplayer a nejde to dajte to späť PLS
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