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  1. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Alpha Controllers Used: n/a Description of Issue: Being kicked from server for not having headlights on in daytime How to reproduce: n/a Screenshots / Videos: My Screen Shot I know this is a ( IN GAME ) rule: Headlights - Headlights must always be on between the hours of 19:00 (7pm) - 07:00 (7am) But are we talking about EURO server time or NA server time??? Guess I'll just keep my lights on day or night
  2. Przepraszam za nieporozumienie, tak ATS zaktualizował się do nowszej wersji, aby obsługiwać nowy ciężki ładunek DLC
  3. SMH...... everyone who plays ATS since it has been released knows ATS has to wait... ETS will always have priority because it has a bigger player base and has been out longer... but my question is WHY!?!?! do ATS players still insist on asking " When will the update be " when they know good & well what the answer is..... ( as soon as TMP Devs update and release the update ) nothing else to read here, moving on
  4. Będzie musiała poczekać, jeśli chcesz użyć nowego ciężkiego ładunku DLC w multiplayerze, tmp Devs muszą zaktualizować serwer TMP dla ATS.
  5. ATS is coded different than ETS... and for as long as I have been playing ATS, ETS always gets updates & DLC's first.
  6. NOPE!!! more like 3-5 days it takes time for TMP Devs to code TMP server with the new updates & DLC.... so practice in single player with the new Heavy Cargo DLC because everyone will need it before causing unnecessary "F~ups" in Multiplayer.... couldn't agree more,,, but we will have players who will be screwing up & causing wrecks anyway... just nature of the beast
  7. same here..... I was able to pick up from last crash in Las Vegas and finish delivery in Pioche and then pick up a load from same delivery point and get to the gate entrance and CRASH!!!! .... lol getting kind of redundant at this point.... TMP last crash log.. client_31_03_2017 - log Click to see crash......
  8. lag is fixed, but drove 100 miles and crash ( virtual memory error ) this time did not crash Steam just TMP and ATS.. never had this problem till TMP updated for ATS 1.6.. crash file:
  9. I tried to uninstall TMP and delete TMP folders and reinstall TMP client & install updates and still causes game & Steam game overlay to crash at same time with virtual memory warning... this is only happening with I try to run TMP with ATS... no problems with single player
  10. no one knows Benny191165, we all are waiting same as you
  11. not released yet.... TMP Devs have to update it
  12. Trucker MP должен быть исправлен, чтобы работать мой друг, должен ждать, пока разработчики TruckerMP сделают патч для мультиплеера 时间还不知道,也许很快 keep waiting eagerly..... we all go through this every new update...
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