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  1. Hello all. Most people get away with insulting in Ets2mp. I like it. I think people should be able to say whatever they want, like people normally do.

    Suggestion Name: remove restrictions on free speech
    Suggestion Description: say whatever u want

    Any example images: the US constitution

    Why should it be added?: I hear Turkish, German, French, and other languages and I know many are insulting chats. I believe in free people monitoring each other. Knowing this community, I don't see a problem of removing this law from the books.
  2. Like I said in section 2 of the description, it starts with "Today, however,..." I also think its more fun to resolve problems with people in a traffic jam. Instead of seeing someone dissappear right infront of me cuz he got banned by an admin in a drone camera. But thats cuz I like to play with people. Not singleplayer where there are cars, but driven by robots instead of humans. A jam is where you meet others from different countries and see how they react and resolve situations. Convoys are the same. I wish no one got banned. I never saw an evil person trying to hurt others.

  3. Suggestion Name:  The (re?)takeover of the trucker community from the hands of the secret police!
    Suggestion Description: A long time ago, I was told, there was a continent named Europe. It was ruled by Scanias and Mercedes. One day, Germans and Brits, Italians and Spaniards, others of Europe and far away, were all embroiled in a game of respect and right of way on scarce paved roads. They had to stop at red lights. They had to use their headlights to signal around dark corners. They had to use blinkers to help a fellow truck overtake from behind. But one day, there was a traffic incident. A crying baby flipped his truck and never used F7 and Enter. Everyone panicked. No truck was strong enough to push this fallen giant. An admin was summoned. He put on a police uniform and came with a shining sword of justice and economics. Other truckers thanked him for moving this immense obstacle.
    Today, however, we have youtube and twitch channels showing the culling of masses of innocent truckers in the name of security. People who are just sending a delivery after hours and hours of driving are sent to the hospital by police who ban them for four days. I believe that people should just be moved by towing service admin. No more banning/no more kicking for anything vehicular. Thats right. Drive the way you want in the world, and make friends and respect each other because no one will save you. The only time admin can do something is for people blocking roads.

    Any example images: (N/A)

    Why should it be added?: I think the game title speaks for itself. Euro Truck Simulator. It puts the truckers freedom first. We are armed with a CB radio, friends, and a ton of engine under our control. There is no obstacle any humans can do that we as the trucking community on TruckersMP cant get past. Thanks for your time.

  4. I dont believe in reporting players. The admin treat them too harshly, they are already banning too many people and turning away many others, and I believe in a trucking community. I think the reason people have VTCs are because of trust and respect for each others driving skills and teamwork. Thus, I believe you should join your own team and just be more weary on your adventures. We as a community, especially during convoys, have a lot more power than admins due to our ability to shame a violator in front of people. Admin banning stats are not publicized for our consumption and ostracizes people. Go truckers!

  5. I completely agree with you. I appreciate someone who sees this game as a simulator and wants simulated police experience. Your words are perfect. I understand everything you said. I hope admins will be a bit more cooperative and pleasant towards players. I know many people are "trolls" as admins call them, but I enjoy human nature. Thanks.

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  6. Hi guys. I think we should vote to stop the police state in the interest of virtual security. In other words, I think admins should have a rule to follow instead of taking the law mercilessly into their own hands. I suggest that there be a judicial system which helps the community drive more safely instead of aggressively pursuing law enforcement. This change would see more people communicate and take into account each other's security and right of way. I believe that police would become more engaged in the clearing of roads instead of forcefully removing players who have vehicular problems. For example, instead of kicking someone, an admin should speak to them or signal for them to move. If warned, then the admin should kick the violator. I believe that furthermore, only after being kicked several times that a ban be implemented. I think to start with a ban without warning is unjust and leaves the person a victim to the lengthy appeal system. This suggestion can easily sort a lot of problems, although it will make it more cumbersome on ingame admins to learn to communicate with the various truckers of the Euro roads. Thanks for your time. 

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