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  1. Yeah today when i came home from work at 11:00 i tried to start TruckersMP and the Error Still Appears So i Restart My Router and Pc 10 Times but Nothing Changed Since 11:00 i search like a Idiot in the Internet for Solution Wednesday all Working i deleted nothing i Closed TruckersMP Wednesday Night and shutdown my PC and next day this Error Appears I can not Understand why its still not working wen i deinstall it and reinstall it how can the error still here ?
  2. I get to the regedit and found the file but the Value Level was already on 0 so i closed it And in the %programdata% Folder isnt and Folder of TruckersMP My Internet Connection is good on Wednesday i played Normally i double Clicked on the Shortcut and it let me Choose between ATS and ETS2 and then i get into the Multiplayer Server Room but Yesterday i Double Clicked the Shortcut and it Appears the Error i have nothing Changed?? Im very Confused about this It sayd to me that the TruckersMP cannot connect to the Servers but my Internet Connection is already running ? Please Help
  3. I tried to run in Windows 7 Mode but it shows me the same Error Again? Windows Server 2008 isnt in my List ?
  4. Hello Truckers Yesterday ive played ETS 2 on Multiplayer normally and Today i get this error message Connection Error Since Yesterday nothing Changed Please Help i get Crazy
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