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  1. Yeah today when i came home from work at 11:00 i tried to start TruckersMP and the Error Still Appears So i Restart My Router and Pc 10 Times but Nothing Changed Since 11:00 i search like a Idiot in the Internet for Solution Wednesday all Working i deleted nothing i Closed TruckersMP Wednesday Night and shutdown my PC and next day this Error Appears I can not Understand why its still not working wen i deinstall it and reinstall it how can the error still here ?
  2. I get to the regedit and found the file but the Value Level was already on 0 so i closed it And in the %programdata% Folder isnt and Folder of TruckersMP My Internet Connection is good on Wednesday i played Normally i double Clicked on the Shortcut and it let me Choose between ATS and ETS2 and then i get into the Multiplayer Server Room but Yesterday i Double Clicked the Shortcut and it Appears the Error i have nothing Changed?? Im very Confused about this It sayd to me that the TruckersMP cannot connect to the Servers but my Internet Connection is already running ? Please Help
  3. I tried to run in Windows 7 Mode but it shows me the same Error Again? Windows Server 2008 isnt in my List ?
  4. Hello Truckers Yesterday ive played ETS 2 on Multiplayer normally and Today i get this error message Connection Error Since Yesterday nothing Changed Please Help i get Crazy
  5. i mean hazard lights on the head of the truck like the Scout Car the Pilto Warning Lights
  6. Hello People! I want to know more about Hazard Lights is there any Way to have one in my W900 like the Scout Car it have Or does Trucks not have any Hazard Lights?
  7. Ok come there in next time more than 300 Player online or does the server loose on players in next time?
  8. Ja ich kann leider nicht so gut Englisch aber wiedo sollte ich es denn auf anderen Servern Versuchen wo weniger Spieler sind als auf dem wo ich gerade bin? Dann sind ja noch weniger Spieler online nicht? Ich will ja nur auf einem Server Spielen wo man auch mal im Stau steht und nicht immer alleine ist! Mich wundert es weil ja das Spiel gerade erst neu herausgekommen ist ! Da sollte doch meines Wissens mehr los sein oder?
  9. Hello ! I began to play ATS MP for two days and ive seen the Videos and there ist mucht Player online but when i Gi on MP then only 200 Players are Online why? Is the Game soon Not more interresting or can i hope for more Players Please Help!
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