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  1. Have you checked your settings in game? sometimes it sets itself to the wrong setting or wrong microphone - I would recommend checking that your mic is plugged in properly, check your in game settings and then test your microphone. If that still doesn't work, send a reply back.
  2. In my opinion: Treat them as any other player with a vehicle... if they are trolling you then you just report them and carry on.. if they ram you - grab video evidence so that you can hold solid proof of their immature behaviour and I am sure the Administration will take measures to shut down those poor excuses of players. I personally like the idea of the cars because it adds traffic, yeah kids are gonna think they're the Police or just because they own a car, they develop some sort of superiority complex... but let the Admins show up and watch them teach those silly people how inferior they really are. I regret that you had to bare these sorts of people and would like to reassure you that in the future - the hype will die down and people will eventually go back to their trucks and maybe drive the car once in a while.
  3. ^ I was joking xD but yeah it would be a cool addition, shame it's not possible.
  4. What about being a cab driver? Can I has cab driver? ;P
  5. In all seriousness as this is a Simulator game, you're roleplaying as a trucker and that being said... while cars are not mandatory, you can use it as your "off duty" vehicle and drive around exploring and make profit from your drivers.
  6. In my personal opinion, instead of increasing the braking thing or what not..try pumping the brakes like a truck... or staying at the truck speed limit just cause and then pumping the brakes, it works for me. >_<
  7. Not a bad reason for it, a scary thought but not a bad reason ...haha.
  8. @Zomb Lee I completely understand and agree with that, haha.. Yeah I too have had an interest in Police things, my clan and I are going to be playing Police 10-13 when it comes out, essentially it's a Police Simulator. x] You want to know something funny too? not long after I posted my reply, some troll blocked the Kenworth Dealer in Los Angeles with a trailer. Something is wrong with those people.. xD I just hope that they decide to make more cars for the Truck Sims, it would be cool to have player traffic but once the hype dies down, people will go back to driving trucks and more or less behaving like normal.
  9. Do you know what I think would be an excellent addition to the car skins/lights, etc? just for the fun of it.. a Taxi skin and roof light.
  10. Honestly... that is the funniest and saddest attempt I have ever seen at someone impersonating a Police Officer, I do hope he has been punished for that. I'm sorry you had to experience children behaving like that, that is why they don't give the cop skin to just anyone. Most players that want to be Police are either really young, don't know what it involves or just want to feel powerful and that right there is a prime example.
  11. @guillermossan On behalf of all decent people out there, I sincerely apologise for the disrespect that you have been shown by people. It appears that some people don't have common decency when it comes to their fellow human beings anymore. I do not judge people based on their nationality or their heritage... my judgment comes from their actions and how they treat others. I wish you well on your travels and should you encounter more individuals like this, I hope you capture evidence of their prejudice and report them because they do not deserve to play this game if they're going to be like that. Have a nice day, friend. -Shepard. (Sol Invictus Group)
  12. JohnQShepard


    While I would like to see more authority figures slowing down the Hot Rod Truckers, it only makes sense for it to be exclusive to Administrators as it wouldn't make sense for regular people to chase down truckers.. because once you've caught them.. then what? You can't issue warnings, kick people for breaking rules or fine them for speeding. It requires being another level above regular player and currently that is the Administration.
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