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  1. @T.J.BDr'Dri thank you so much dude its fixed i cant thank you enough great help cheers
  2. i did yes just went into x64 files again the plugin was back after deleting it sorry this game is starting to relay cheese me off
  3. will i have to get rid of all my ATS files in documents including save and just start all over again? ok al try that going to start game see if that fixes it GROMM99 - nope still popping up i think just need to get rid of all ATS doc files and reinstall game the lot relay i feel am getting no were with the game
  4. thank you but the game is stuck on launchpad just wont load sometime i sit 20mins and now just not responding it crashes
  5. this is what it is showing never had this before dont know why its coming up i have done this many times all files are ok
  6. its happening all the time sp and mp nope no vid or screenshot i have deleted the ats file from documents
  7. i have tried loads of things game keeps freezing launchpad i have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times still the same thing i have gone through documents and deleted the mp file so i can try get it to launch nothing game still stuck will i have to delete everything and start fresh i have done a scan and checked my windows files there all ok my other games load up fine i get a warning about a SDK file what the hell is the SDK file and how do i get rid of it please help thanks
  8. ^ yeah it was "unknown error occurred" ahhh ok thanks
  9. am sorry but were does it say i cant put "(help please)" it just specifies "That have a title of “Help me!” or “Need help!!!” am not trying to start anything am just saying there is nothing to say you cant have "help please"
  10. it said (help please) please read i never said help me or need help
  11. ??? i have not put in help me or need help the post says help please....... can i ask what's wrong with asking for help?
  12. i am trying report player using there ID it is not working they were towing a trailer with a car i have screen shots and a screen shot of the player ID but when i goto report player ID not recognized can i sent the screen shots to someone??????? the report system is clearly not working the ID is 947133 i have 4 to 5 screen shots of this player pulling a load with a car
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