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  1. so if i finnsihed the first goal (where I have already unloaded in 5 different cities), do I still have to drive 5 orders again?
  2. important question I must first 10 loads to drive to whatever destinations. and then again 5 loads to 5 different cities. Or can I immediately ship 10 loads to 5 different cities? because under yes is that it is only released when I have already finished 10 loads? or is looked at by the sytem then where these first 10 loads have been brought? And if I then drove from the 10 loads in 5 different cities, is it automatically completed and finnsihed? hope you understnad me
  3. Yeah i dont get´kicked the last week. Thanks
  4. Hello since a few days, this message comes again and again and I will be kicked. -> https://imgur.com/a/svfqs26 Is this the case with my wifi or tmp servers?
  5. Gibts ja nicht :D Hätte nicht gedacht das das so einfach geht. Ich habe immer gedacht wenn ich dann meinen LKW wechel, dass ich wieder beim Hauptquartier lande. Danke dir :)
  6. Hallo Weiß einer wie man sein Hauptquartier ändern kann? Gibts da einen Code in der Config? Danke...
  7. reopen because I have the problem again I have already tried that. but that does not solve my problem. In addition, my "trick" does not work anymore ... I need help again fast
  8. https://imgur.com/a/fr2SS well, I have the problem again. but this time I can not solve it with the "trick" I took last time. I've already tried what @heyhococo said. but I'm not on a server ... need help quickly.
  9. soo ... I tried a bit. After I opened each server twice, I was connected to every server. thanks, my problem has been solved. this topic can be closed.
  10. Hello Since I was banned some time today I played again for the first time ets2mp. i've never had any problems with my dlcs, but since today i'm not on the server anymore. I will be kicked immediately ... I urgently need help https://imgur.com/a/8LdzV what the ?! but I can play on the united states server ... what? https://imgur.com/a/WXFB7
  11. thank you guys i was thinking that the one ton trailer is not allowed too. yes my question was answered.
  12. 1 ton trailer allowed or not? Hello I have read many times that 1 ton trailer is not allowed in the multiplayer. But now I've looked at the list, and there are harvest containers or cut flowers that weigh only one ton. I'm allowed to drive without fear, right?
  13. Hello! Today when driving I saw that someone drove with the Christmas trailer. how can you still get that after christmas? why do i see his christmas trailer at all? because as christmas many drove the trialer, but anybody just saw a white trailer displayed ... https://imgur.com/a/Bu32P
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