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  1. -1

    Yes it teaches people about road rules, how to drive properly, etc.


    But what about the aspects of the game where obeying the rules is just unrealistic. Like running red lights, for example. Almost everyone knows not to run red lights, so should you add it in the test while almost every player would still run red lights because there's no one around?


    Maybe an interactive version would work. E.g a "tutorial" on how to drive in the context TMP,  but imo this suggestion is low priority and that's a lot of work to be done.

  2. 1 hour ago, Shovali said:

    Thanks! :)

    i know there is few pepole speak Hebrow here. I think you can't see then becuase there is no place to write and speak in hebrow :) 


    look this: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/79-회사/  There is 0 posts in here..I dont know what this think here but no one write there.


    ^ That's why your suggestion would most likely be accepted. If they decide not to delete the Korean discussion even without any posts, then I don't see why a Hebrew discussion (which will have more than 0 posts) would not be added.


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  3. ^Yeah but if I wait, the other truck will probably need to have one wheel over the grass to bypass me.

    And most of the time the other truck decides to drive in the middle of the entrance, which means no space for another truck to fit the entrance.


    Not really sure if it is easy to code the NCZs. If it is, why not?

  4. Suggestion Name: Increase NCZ of Posped delivery areas
    Suggestion Description: Add a No Collision Zone of the small road leading to Posped delivery areas.

    Any example images:  This small road here.6A316D83B2C5621E8338B90DDA4D8938FAF54CD3


    Why should it be added?:This road is not big enough to be a 2-lane road, and the entrance is very small for a 2 lane road. A reasonable number of people use this road too. As a result I have unfortunately crashed there a number of times (When trying to fit in between that small entrance as a truck exits from that area)

  5. Suggestion Name: Embed a video player onto the TMP website
    Suggestion Description: A video player on the TMP website (in the Reports section). Eg When making a report, you can upload videos onto the website, and when viewing the report / filing a report, the evidence can be easily displayed.

    Any example images: Nope

    Why should it be added? It will be easier to upload / view evidence on the TMP website itself. Also, the team will have control which evidence gets deleted or if ban-worthy, kept. The evidence also won't be deleted after a few months, otherwise people would be asking for the ban history to be removed because there is no evidence.

    Refer to https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/38730-ban-removal/




  6. Add a time limit for CH19, but no time limits for other channels. People trying to get a serious conversation can change the CB channel. Since not many people know how to change the CB channel, these people won't have to deal with the trollers on CH19.

  7. Support this idea. If posts are more specific, the appropriate team can look into the matter.

    If someone puts "ETS2MP" as the topic name, it's a bit harsh to be given a warning (for example, instead of giving a verbal warning, trash it or change the topic name. (something like when someone quotes the post above, the admins simply change it to an ^)

  8. I still think this is useful. Clash of Clans has a solid censor sytem. It also censors words that have spaces in between, using replacement letters (like b!tch instead of bitch) and also censors lots of other words. A good system is one where the admins can easily add words that people use to try to avoid the blacklist system. With consistent addition of new profanities that people use, almost all profanities can be censored. (e.g if someone says b!tch, the admins can blacklist this word easily)


    16 hours ago, megadethsteve666 said:

    Any sort of profanity filter can be avoided by simply placing spaces, capitals or keystrokes that give the same spelling, for example (and excuse the profanities) but some filters stop words like "twat", the easiest way around it is to put [email protected] not the same spelling, yet still sounds the exact same.


    Also a Filter like this defeats the whole idea of having rules against bad language. Not to mention that if you see a blurred or weird line in a chat message, you automatically know that someone has used profanity anyway, people will still get offended by it.


    So -1 here.

    It doesn't defeat the idea of using bad language (admins can still ban people using profanities in the voice chat). Also, if the message is "asterisked", no one will know what profanity is attempted to use, and if the whole message is deleted, it will be even better,.


    Also less work for the admins, as adding new terms to the blacklist is a one-time thing. More time to patrol and catch rammers and trollers instead of sitting in Rotterdam countlessly typing " /b [user] 3d Insulting ".


    If Supercell can do it, so can we. Especially since we have admins online almost at any point of time, many more people will be caught.

  9. However, since most people do not know this Win + Space feature, (I did not know it till now), it can still deter some vulgarities from being spoken. (Most TMP players are quite young which means a reasonably large amount of people will not know these exploits)


    EDIT: The profanity rule still exists, but people who say profanities in-game also exploited the censor system, which means more reason to ban them.

    Otherwise, another way is to auto-ban users who frequently try to say profanities (but I do not think this would be feasible)

  10. For the iOS or Andriod systems, you can add keyboards in other languages to write vulgarities. For example, writing the "c" in the 'f word' using the Russian keyboard can avoid the censor system too. Since it is harder to change keyboards on the PC it will be a deterrent. 


    LEED-Language structures aren't obvious, I can't make that word out at first glance.


    This means that anyone who swears can be in a position for a heftier ban, because they find a loophole in the system just to swear. More reason to ban them there.

  11. Suggestion Name: Auto-censor vulgarities in in-game chat
    Suggestion Description: Have a system to auto-censor vulgarities in in-game chat. For example, if someone says the 'f' word, it will automatically be replaced with asterisks. " * "  Or tweak the system such that any posts with any vulgarities will not be posted onto the chat,

    Any example images: Clash of Clans has a very good censor system.

    Example image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BtO33VvCcAAaNne.jpg

    At least the regular PC keyboard does not have multiple keyboards to switch back and forth for the user to try to type the vulgarities.

    Why should it be added?: There are lots of people spurting out vulgarities frequently (especially in Rotterdam), even as ETS2 is rated 3+.

  12. You can either

    1. Use Cheat Engine. (Go google it) Note. ONLY change the Money or XP. Don't change any other stuff.

    2. Use a seperate profile for SP and MP. (MP with a ton of money while SP for the realistic money making thing)

    3. Sack all your drivers for your MP Profile. (That way they no longer keep generating money when you're not around)

  13. Suggestion Name:  Mandatory Traffic light obediance in Rotterdam
    Suggestion Description: Add it in the rules so that anyone in Rotterdam must obey the traffic lights.

    Any example images:  No

    Why should it be added?: There are a lot of crashes in Rotterdam due to the crowd in there. So actual truckers (not useless traffic) can have a peace of mind while driving there. Often, people hit my trailer passing through the traffic lights.


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