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  1. Always try to keep distance between you and the other trucks because sometimes they may crash or also may lag, it is easier to stop the truck behind them and put the hazard signal this way you will not go on in the on coming traffic and in turn not get reported. Thank you.
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    yes @BL4CK$K1LL i did get my answer, and i would like to thank all of you for your time. <3
  3. Sayed_Atif


    Thanks you @Caitlin. that will do. Thanks again for the admins and the helpers around
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    I was thinking of changing the interface of the route advisor, is there anyway if it is allowed in truckersmp and if yes how do I get through this?
  5. Ancona was good today, there was traffic  but thanks to the admins it was in control and moving. Thank you again admins For helping us not getting in chaos ❤️

  6. See you in Bratislava later tonight, hope to see a lot of you doing the event and most importantly listening to the moderators and following the traffic.


    Thank you.

  7. Good Morning Everyone, good time to get your event done to Bratislava because of less traffic compared to other time of the day. 


    Thank You.

  8. The Cargo will spawn when the Event destination changes on 28th, you cannot do cargo run if the destination is in the same place. Thank you.
  9. the new car update looks really nice and all the animations are on point. thank you Truckersmp.

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