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  1. @Dr_Dog not everyone would have to download the mod for that truck to see it. Not everybody has the mod downloaded for the turbo wing on the kenworths but everybody can see it. Same would go for the other mods from modsats.com since they are client side mods and dont really change the game since they are mostly cosmetic in nature. I can understand and would be find with not having the engine mods since they do change how the game operates and how the trucks work. I just really hope we eventually get alot more trucks like the peterbilt 389 with the lowered frame and better rims mods etc.
  2. Just curious as to when we will be allowed if at all to bring modded trucks like the peterbilt 389 and other trucks and cosmetic mods on the website modsats.com I have alot of trucks on the single player version that i would like to use online. I understand ats is a new game and it may take awhile just curious as to when we will be able to use those in multiplayer.
  3. So I have been play ats and as I am driving around in multiplayer every once in awhile I will see another play with a trucking company name next to their name. My question is how to get that on mine. Only myself and my buddy play this game together for now but we would like to have our trucking company name show up above our trucks like our names do. We would be going by VANGUARD TRANSPORT
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