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  1. Ahh thank you for making me aware of this. It was the paint job that was causing the issue for some odd reason. Time to get the stopwatch out with how long this is going to take to fix
  2. So this is an issue I have never had before with SCS games but for some reason my Afterglow Wired Controller is an invalid accessory and as such, has completely stopped me from playing ATS online. This was never an issue in ETS2MP and was never an issue with other SCS games as I said previously so I don't understand why this is happening now and not before. The controller still works with other older games like Need For Speed Underground 2 and GTA 5 so I know it's not a faulty controller. If anyone could shead some light on this please do so as this is my only working controller and a G29 is out my price bracket for now sadly. p.s. If this post is in the wrong place then my bad. Still getting used to the layout of this fourm :/
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