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  1. Both me and my father were attempting to play ATS last night (Early morn Dec 15), Both are running the latest version....both steam games,,,,and the latest MP patch. Both are using high end Intel computers with the Logitech driving force GT wheels. It must be noted we have been avid TMP users on a regular basis for over a year now.....relatively few issues....certainly nothing like this !. Same comments as all the above......repeated crash's.....collapses the entire game to desktop with "Fatal error " message. we have no mods at all installed or running.....all game files we're checked for integrity....I even completely uninstalled TMP and reinstalled with no change.....sometimes less than a minute in and another crash. Between the 2 of us at least a dozen crash's.....we were never able to get out of town with a load.
  2. I have [email protected] as well as the multiplayer....and ATS. NO issues.. But with the ATSMP just mild motions back and forth create a blur that is taking away from the graphics experience of the game. Regardless of which server I choose. Doesn't do this with the stock game or ets2 mp.
  3. Defying the road rules of ATS......the multi player is ticketing for the right turn on a red light. Be Nice if they would fix this.
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