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  1. A lot has happened so far this week. On Monday, our IT Department released a new and improved community forum which is out now! Along with that, we have customized our community mods, are preparing for our two year anniversary and got to meet the SCS team to discuss future plans with both ATS and ETS2 revolving around VTC's. All this and more can be viewed on our twitter @ https://twitter.com/VivaTrucking as we update it weekly with the latest Viva news!

  2. Here at Viva, we are constantly working to ensure we can provide our Drivers with the best experience as possible. Over the past few weeks, our IT team has been working hard on Viva's newest projects, one of them being Viva's new Desktop app. Below is a sneak peek of this new feature coming soon. It is our mission to deliver only the best tools for our Driver to enhance their experience along with working to keep our title as King of the Road! 



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  3. Just a few days ago we released Viva's new Specialty Division System. This new system allows Drivers to join Divisions such as Flatbed, Reefer, Hazmat, and Heavy Haul to gain more revenue in the company, along with adding some realism to their gameplay experience. Watch the view below to learn more about Viva's Specialty Divisions! 


  4. Viva's new Specialty Division system will be out soon. By joining a Specialty Division as a Driver, you unlock custom mods, receive extra revenue from Division deliveries, and meet weekly Division goals! This is to continue our goal to provide our Drivers with a unique aspect of the game and further our progression into changing the way Virtual Trucking is today!


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