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  1. Ok so I got it working here is what I did. I went and unistalled both MP and ATS closed steam and cleared deleted appcache folder check my program files, and program files 86 and deleted any folder/s with relation to MP or ATS went and cleared out my temp folder. I then reinstalled the game and MP and it worked reinstalled mods and put my profiles in after test MP.
  2. ^Will do so far I haven't found anything I have unistalled ATS, and MP multiple times, reinstalled ATS with no profiles or anything in it for SP and had same issue. I have tried uninstalling all dlc's and going that route hopeing they would pull some files maybe I'm missing. IDK let me know if you find anything as well, and hopefully someone form MP gets back with us soon.
  3. MP Version what ever is linked to the download page as of a couple of hours ago ATS It tells me I need to downgrade to that version, and then I get another popup that states Could not inject dll into the game process
  4. CasperGaming


    SO every time I try to run MP it tells me I need to downgrade???? I have never opt into beta's or touched anything in betas tab of ATS on steam. I have left everything vanilla and just taken the ATS updates when they come by SCS. So my question being how do I have a version that needs to be downgraded???? I have reinstalled MP multiple times since as well trying that and I get the same thing everytime "need to downgrade to
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