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  1. If they could just add this, "On 2 Arcade servers, we need 1 with a collision and 1 without" then it would be good
  2. Had the same issue, TruckersMP supports the public beta of 1.32 for ETS
  3. Not everyone wants to be realistic, I don't have all day to sit and watch my truck go 110 km/hr and also the game gets boring at this speed without AI traffic. I used to be able to 180 no problem now I'm Limited to 150 :(. There should be a server with absolutely no speed limit so people like me can enjoy the game at high speeds on that server.
  4. This is why we have Europe 1 with speed LIMITS and Europe 2 is no speed limits. I understand cars going 200 km/hr but i think the speed limiter should be removed to raised to 180 km/hr.
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