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  1. After the unpleasent experience that I recently had, getting an "insulting" ban, that was eventualy sorted out, I have read the rules mentioned above, very carefully, and I realised that they are very thin...meaning that the offenses are not well described, leaving the admins to decide, over the matter, and as they have their work cut out with all the problem makers in the game, its easy for them to missjudge the situation. I would sugest eighter to have the rules more detailed, eighter have a warn metod for the users, it seems a litle harsh to get a 3 day ban for a word, also used in real life situations, when somebody cuts you off or causes an accident...From there to "insult" in my opinion there is a realy big leap... so to conclude my sugestions would be: -. in situations that are not of a high importance(not blocking a major road, causing other players to be blocked, creating major trafic jams) I sugest the admin write on the chat to the player in dificulty, if he still not stop bad mouthing or for example not remove the truck with F7+enter if blocking after a damage or accident, then he could proceed to a ban. Also with the onest mistakes, i think it should be the same way...
  2. Yes, thanks I already made one...it will just be nice to see that they tend to it after the 3 day period... have a nice evening...
  3. Ok... I understand then why did I get banned??? I have read the IN GAME RULES - I did not break any... so Rayray5, how did he end up deciding that I insulted anyome??? Can I get this Rayray5 somewhere to talk?? a chat a mail or something??? Any way if not I just wait for the ban to expire...
  4. Its all nice and dandy... just how do the admins ban people... for example since I played aprox 6 months now I did not see a ban reulting to one of my reports, I've been blocked, rammed, and all kind of stuff, tonight, again, I get rammed I report the guy and then I get ban for insulting???? I would like to see how this decisions are made...
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