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  1. alright okay i have a long way from that then haha
  2. o right okay that's why everything i've done doesn't work then
  3. hi all i've been wondering for some time now how i change my rank thing on my profile on here as what ever i do it stays at what is a truck and i look at someone else they have something totally different to me
  4. i miss them to makes the traffic reports harder for tsr to but we get by
  5. well said @krazymudkip don't know why people want them not like your gonna pull people over and give them a ticket
  6. cooper being nice? haha nice picture there mate
  7. aww nice i didn't know they had them but then again i've not really seen the police cars in game
  8. hello users how are you all and how you liking the weather near you 

  9. this is more for the admins on here then anything. all the team on here do they all have the power to ban someone in game or not just something random to answer lol B)

    1. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      okay mattewowen123 thanks and maybe mrcreeper 

    2. Amazing Red Panda

      Amazing Red Panda

      The tittle is pretty clear, its different :P

      Support is only work on tickets, Moderators on forum, Developer on the mod, Web Dev, on website and forum code, and the rest of the team.

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      okay thanks i understand more about this website and the game as i didn't really use this but thought i'd give it ago as well 

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  10. ^ yeah maybe but it's a great mod i enjoyed it today using a car
  11. i agree with you on this would make it look a little better i also think they should work on the breaks for the car to as it doesn't feel like there's any there
  12. want your own number plate on the cars you can drive? head over to https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/profile_customization.php fill in the CUSTOM LICENSE PLATES for ets and ats 

  13. could someone please explain this for me please https://www.dropbox.com/s/3us2ob28tcsw4ak/tmp.PNG?dl=0

    1. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      They're the likes you achieve during your posts in Forum.

      Eg: Good photo or helpful post? Someone (if he/she considers your post good) will give you a like and your reputation will grow up!

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      o right okay thank you means a lot


    3. BatmanAlexeh
  14. hey all how are we all on this fine Saturday evening 

    1. KL44S


      I'm fine, what about you? :D  Watching the ETS2MPOfficial Stream atm 

    2. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      good and yeah i'm okay thanks and it was a good stream 


  15. not having a good day today how everyone else's day going?

    1. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      aww that's not good hope he be nice to you


    2. FirestarteR93


      tbh I rudely greeted him and politely asked him not to touch anything before he breaks the forum again xD

    3. THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      THLVTC Cookienightstorm

      o but can't let the forums to be broke again you need them 

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  16. so last night we did a 100 Ton Volvo Convoy and it went well thank you to everyone who took part 


  17. happy birthday from trucksimradio.com :D

  18. big thank you to everyone that came the tsr convoy tonight

  19. there should be a way that we can make all players to read this move then once as i've had some bad times playing etsmp or atsmp
  20. if this some how works we all owe you big time haha as i know how it feels being suck at europort for ages
  21. just a big thank you to you guys for doing that and i am sorry i didn't say all the way but it was a great convoy
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