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  1. Scania S730 4x2. Why? - The roar of the V8. - The enormous amount of fuel you have in the 4x2, which lets you drive insane distances. - The 12+2 Gearbox. Really useful to climb Scandinavian hills with heavy trailers. Just set it to manual, enable warnings lights, and climb. - Driving it is so smooth, which makes it really comfortable to drive. Also, it's very stable. And that's all.
  2. Happy birthday. You will be missed.

  3. My realistic dream car... hmm... That would be a '09 BMW 650i. I would really love to own one. Have a nice one, and happy trucking!
  4. Nombre de Steam: [PC] Скорпион Horario en el que juegas: Variable en GMT+1 País: España Camión: Scania R 730
  5. Talavera de la Reina - Toledo - España. Mi nick ingame es: [PC] Скорпион , de la compañía TransHispania S.L.
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