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  1. I've been pwned in TruckersMP, Adobe, Avast and vBulletin. Nice one, Avast...
  2. @heyhococo Sweet, nice one! I can play without getting a headache! Thanks!
  3. Without having to go through 10 pages (Internet has been quite unstable and slow today), has it been said if you can mute/lower the volume of the CB radio? If so, how? I joined for the first time for about a month and I was parked just south of Dusseldorf and I literally was deafened by the blaring music and players speaking Russian (that's not a bad thing but they was so loud) I had to quit the game instantly as it was giving me a headache. All I can say is, i'm glad I wasn't a headphone user at the time...
  4. Attempts 2, 3 and 4 are basically your own fault for being impatient. Anyone could see that trying to exit when people was still in the way (no collision area for services doesn't extend that far out) would end badly.
  5. Try using the 1.14 public beta version. It was the only version which worked for me when I had a similiar problem.
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