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  1. The DDoS attacks run for weeks, and no one does what is new to me. Restart the server once again, there probably would be a start. I do not know since then, but to make the run, helping also nothing.
  2. That would indeed be the case but for weeks (about 2). I am among many other riders from whom I also understand (mostly German driver) is not the only one who does not come because the mood.
  3. The problem is for some time with the EU2 server on EU 1 I always come, just like on US 1 who does not grade offline as grade now. I go online every day and "only" the EU 2 server makes these problems forever.
  4. Currently, it is not for me and many other players available to play on the server EU 2. EU 1 and US 1 are no problem, but it seems EU 2 strarke connection to be problems. Exactly how that looks, I hang on as an Link. http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3851/68wwevtb_jpg.htm LG High
  5. Steam version ? or 1.15 beta ? I have new 0.1.2 , steam version offline drive
  6. Nun ist es keine " Beta " mehr, und sollte ja num auch langam in dem MP spielbar werden.
  7. Edited first post of mine, now should hopefully be available all the information.
  8. Here me the log file so that you can hopefully fix the problem. Just as it is just, it's not playable in the multiplayer mode. Mod Version: 0.1.1.r2 Steam Version : Controllers Used: keyboard and Logitech Driving Force GT (steering wheel) Description of Issue: I have the new DLC on the computer How to reproduce: Screenshots / Videos: Not possible because the game freeze everything the crash leaves game.log.txt game.crash.txt
  9. highspeed-dd

    Crash game

    For me, it is also true game crashes since I downloaded the DLC Christmas Paint Jobs Pack. But who do I turn off no longer goes it that.
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