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  1. you are logging onto a server whihc is too full go on eu5
  2. and how do i fix my mouse sensitivity also my game is now so laggy even in singleplayer and i cant connect to multiplayer
  3. Processor MY pc specs Intel® Pentium® J2900 Intel® Celeron® J1900 Intel® Celeron® J1800 Operating System Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Windows 8.1 downgrade to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Windows 7 Home Basic DOS Graphics Intel® Integrated Discrete graphics R5 235 512M / R5 235 1G Memory 1 x SO-DIMM (2G / 4G / 8G DDR3) Maximum 8GB up to 1600 MHz Storage 3.5" HDD (500GB / 1TB) Audio Realtek ALC662-VD Certification CB / CE Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.23" x 16.77" x 15.22" (160 mm x 425.88 mm x 386.50 mm) Weight 9.58 kg (21.12 lbs) OD DVD / DVD-RW PSU 65W external adapter 90W external adapter Physical Securit Kensington® Slot External Drive Bay 1 x 5.25" Internal Bay 1 x 3.5" Expansion slot 1 x PCI-e x 16, Full Height (One x 4 link) 1 x PCI-e x 1, Full Height
  4. I have lenovo e50 desktop pc my ram is 4gb 2.41ghz windows 10 also my euro truck has been extremely lagging since yesterday even singleplayer laggs
  5. i open ets2 mp it says euro truck stimualor multiplayer but when i load mt profile im in singleplayer so i cant connect to multiplayer
  6. i dont understand you??? please suggets useful tips also i get toooo much laggg
  7. This new update is making my game laggg on multiplayer even when the game starts to load and say eta2mp it laggs. My mouse sensitivity has gone completely abnormal and I hardlycan click on anything. Pleaser help ad some suggestions how do u ad just mouse sensitivity as well. This update is way tooo buggy as Well as laggy
  8. my ping is 66 my upload speed is 8.03 mbps and 1.04 for upload speed sorry i coudnt send it as an image but yee and the lowest ping i i have is 32
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. How do u switch of MLAA and I dont have nvidia installed on my cpmputer at all,does it need to be installed as well which one becuase there are so many drivers. Also not everyone has hi spec computer you just to figure out an alteranative Does euro truck lag for anyone else then please join imto this discussion A
  10. okay thanks guys for replying and giving suggestions. my OS is windows 10. i have a lenovo e-50 desktop which is 4gb ram. yee and do the trucks lag or is it just me that lags when i go near to another players truck Also my computer is not a high spec computer but this always happens when there is a lot of truckers around and its not fun to play multiplayer if there is lag i believe that this needs to be sorted in mp becuase it ruins the gameplay as well as i cant stop a truck being near me And it enhances the gameplay whilst your driving with other trucks but the lag ruins everything when the trucks keep going forward and then goes backwards and the truck starts to stutter also there is no extensions running in the background everything is closed only ets2mp is running I agree with turust a game such as minecraft there is so much players on server but it doesn't lag as bad as euro truck 2
  11. Hello, i am having this issue which is really worrying me. Basically every time i am driving behind a player the game starts too lag and stutter causing me to crash into the player which could result in me being banning but its not me its lag. the game also stutters and i see the players truck in ftont of me going front and foward in a laggy way which make me crash because the player is coming backwards towards me. Also in popular places my game starts too lag al of a sudden laggs such as rotterdam and amsterdan as well i dont no why is it my computer or is it the game. pleasee help and try to solve my problem.
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